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When Divas Attack!

Wow!  the bitch is back, and he’s being vile, bitter, and slightly on point.

Queerty, reports some pretty vicious quotes from an aging Sir Elton John about an also aging Madonna.  It’s been obvious for some time that Elton and Madge don’t like each other.  But the vitriol in this latest dust up is quite stirring.  The following are not for delicate eyes.

Quote #1

“If Madonna had any common sense she would have made a record like Ray Of Lightand stayed away from the dance stuff and just been a great pop singer and make great pop records, which she does brilliantly. But no, she had to go and prove… she looks like a fucking fairground stripper.”

Quote #2
“Why is she such a nightmare? Sorry, her career is over. Her tour has been a disaster and it couldn’t happen to a bigger cunt.”

Leave Martin Austermuhle Alone!

Some not so useful idiots have taken to the interwebs to lambast DCist’s Editor-in-Chief because he tweeted and blogged about a news story that was of interest to, I don’t know, people who live and work in the greater metropolitan Washington, DC area.

On Monday, Martin Austermuhle sent out a tweet alerting chicken lovers to “rejoice” in news that a Chick-Fil-A food truck would be coming to DC on April 9th.

It wasn’t long before the snarkfest began.  People started responding as if Martin had personally attacked them, going as far as openly inquiring “Is Martin Austermuhle an anti-gay bigot?”  Queerty gets into the mix by extolling, “He should have known better.

To be sure, yes, Chick-Fil-A contributes to organizations that are anti-gay.  And yes, people have a right to boycott an establishment for what ever the reason they choose.  This is a free society.

But Martin Austermuhle is a good blogger, a good journalist, and a good guy.  I don’t know him personally, but I would call him a Twitter-friend.  And I’m standing up for my friend, Twitter or otherwise.  Leave Martin Austermuhle alone!

Solmonese to Step Down at HRC

So last week, in between an earthquake and a hurricane to hit the DC area, Pam’s House Blend (PHB) first reported that Human Rights Campaign’s president Joe Solmonese was stepping down effective March 30, 2012, when his current contract expires.

According to PHB, this is “the beginning of a larger staff shake-up in the HRC.”

My good friend, Chris Geidner over at Metro Weekly delved deeper into the story, as usual.  He cites four sources who lay out a more tempered execution for replacing Solmonese, and identified consultant Cathy Woolard as a likely interim replacement. Chris goes on to write, “Although the sources say that no permanent replacement has been selected, none of the four sources were willing to say what, if any, role Woolard would play in the transition efforts at HRC.”

I think before HRC acts, they should heed the unsolicited advice from Queerty:

Instead of hiring a White House PR flack, why not elect someone who will actively battle the National Organization for Marriage and the anti-gay Republicans while financially supporting LGBT efforts to make Obama deliver on HIV, trans employee protections, and finally killing DOMA? It’d be a heck of a lot more effective than the HRC’s current agenda of defending Obama’s missteps while trying to convince us that they’re still relevant.

Obama Talking Out of Both Sides of His Mouth on DADT

HRC, are you listening?  Are those photo ops worth all of this?  The following is directly taken from Queerty.com…

In October, Obama’s Justice Department tried getting the Log Cabin Republicans’ Don’t Ask Don’t Tell lawsuit thrown out. This week, federal attorneys made another go at it.

Last time around, Judge Virginia Phillips denied DoJ’s attempt to have the case dismissed. So DoJ has a new tactic: Demanding a summary judgment. And in doing so, language like this was part of its motion:

These rules are necessitated by, among other things, “[t]he worldwide deployment of United States military forces, the international responsibilities of the United States, and the potential for involvement of the armed forces in actual combat routinely [which] make it necessary for members of the armed forces involuntarily to accept living conditions and working conditions that are often spartan, primitive, and characterized by forced intimacy with little or no privacy.” Id. § 654(a)(12). Congress’s policy judgment culminated, as noted, in its finding that “[t]he presence in the armed forces of persons who demonstrate a propensity or intent to engage in homosexual acts would create an unacceptable risk to the high standards of morale, good order and discipline, and unit cohesion that are the essence of military capability.”

And, in the motion’s table of contents:

Remember: These lawyers aren’t acting without direction from the White House. The same White House that has stated publicly DADT is unconstitutional. And the same White House that could order DoJ to stand down.

Amusingly enough, the last motion arrived just as Obama was telling attendees of HRC’s gala that he was committed to a repeal. This motion arrives as Obama is telling the entire world.

(Americablog has the full motion.)

Gates, A Step in the Right Direction

The Pentagon has said that it was relax its enforcement of DADT.  While many in the LGBT community (Queerty) will say that Defense Secretary Robert Gates should do more now, in fact, there is only so much he can do.  The Pentagon can’t go against current law.

But no longer opening investigations based on anonymous complaints, restricting testimony from third parties, and requiring high-ranking officers to review cases are all positive steps.

From today’s Washington Post

Gates had asked Pentagon lawyers to review whether the Defense Department had the legal discretion to enforce the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law more loosely after President Obama urged its repeal in his Jan. 27 State of the Union address.

It’s not everything our community wants to hear, but until Congress repeals the law, it is praise-worthy.

The Washington Blade Closes…for now.

What started out as an easy going Monday morning, quickly delved into a chaotic rush for information.  A couple of hours ago, queerty.com posted

SHOCK: Blade Publisher Window Media Closes

Now I knew that Windows Media, the parent company to the Blade was in trouble, but I didn’t think it would come to this point so fast!

I am triply saddened because 1) The Blade has been a great resource for the national GLBT community for the last 40 years; 2) I was fortunate enough to have been asked to contribute to their publication through op-eds and letters to the editor over the past eight months; and 3) The Blade had extended out a pro-bono hand to Capital Pride in offering office space.

Now, I am off to ZipCar over to help clear out the Capital Pride office.  Oh what a day!

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