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Why JC Watts Won’t Be the Next RNC Chair

J.C. WattsI read a Politico posting this afternoon suggesting that former Congressman J.C. Watts may jump in the race for RNC Chairman next month.  An interesting proposition.

But let’s look at a few basic facts.  Mr. Watts says he is being “encouraged” by supporters to run.  Who are these supporters?  They don’t seem to be current members of the RNC.  In fact, the article points out that Matt Pinnell, the Chairman of the Oklahoma Party and  one of the 168 who will vote for the next RNC Chairman is backing  Priebus for reelection.

While a cursory look at the RNC Rules does allow for a non-member to run for Chair or Vice-Chair, in order to be nominated, one must have the support of at least the majority vote of RNC members in each of three states in order to have his or her names placed in nomination.  So where does he go for those initial votes if his home state chairman is supporting Priebus?  And even if he were to get nominated, where does he get the votes?  Preibus already has 130 of the 168 votes locked up.

I am not saying the Mr. Watts wouldn’t be a good chairman.  But there is no groundswell within the voting membership of the RNC to replace Priebus with Watts, or anyone else, for that matter.

My belief is that in six weeks, down in Charlotte, Reince will be nominated and reelected by acclamation.   I just don’t see any other outcome.  But stranger things have happened.


And Then There was One

POLITICO Breaking News

Ron Paul on Monday announced he will “no longer spend resources campaigning in primaries in states that have not voted,” for all practical purposes suspending his presidential campaign for the Republican nomination.Paul, however, will continue his bid to collect delegates to the national convention in Tampa this summer. He has earned additional delegates in recent weeks by performing strongly at state conventions in states that have already voted.

White Minorities

Elizabeth Warren has stepped in it! No, she hasn’t lied, cheated or stole (that we know of), but she has told the truth.

A month ago, the Boston press revealed that the Massachusetts Democratic Senatorial candidate had labelled herself as a minority law professor, citing the fact that she’s 1/32 Native American.

What’s more, Politico revealed this week that Harvard University went as far as to label her a “diversity hire.”  But here’s the best: her response.  Warren explained that she listed herself for nearly a decade as a minority law teacher to connect with others “like” her.  HA!

She fits in just well up in Massachusetts with that African-American, Teresa Hines Kerry.

I think it’s time to write another check to Senator Scott Brown!

Buh Bye Newt!

So Politico just reported that Newt Gingrich officially dropped out of the Republican presidential contest in a press conference in Arlington, VA today.  Newt being Newt, had to come up with some intellectual yet dumb comment.

“Today, I am suspending the campaign, but suspending the campaign does not mean suspending citizenship.”

Hmmmmm, think back to a mere four months ago to the Speaker’s famous words on ABC…

SOPA, PIPA, What the…

Many websites are blacked out today as a form of protest over pending legislation in Congress regarding legislating online piracy via the Internet. Politico has a great story talking about what the legislation does, who supports and opposes the two bills.

Read it here. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0112/71567.html

GOP Debate at the Reagan Library

Last night’s Republican Presidential Candidate’s debate at the Reagan Library, sponsored by MSNBC and Politico was an interesting one hour and 45 minutes.  Because of the number of candidates participating – eight – enough attention to specific details were not afforded.  But it did help to highlight some of the shining moments from the second tier candidates.

Being his first debate since entering the race, all eyes were on Texas Governor Rick Perry.  How would he do?  Could he maintain his front-runner status, or would he take a major tumble?  How would he respond to attacks on his record?  Would he stand on statements he has made recently about social security and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke?

Quick take-aways from last night:

(1)  It is indeed a two-man race. Everything else is just a side show.

(2)  Michelle Bachmann has quickly fading into the 2nd tier

(3)  Ron Paul has his supporters. He will lose very little, but will gain very little.

(4)  Herman Cain has an interesting flat tax plan

(5)  While Jon Huntsman seems like the adult, he’s clearly running to be either a) Perry’s running mate or b) the nominee in 2016.

(6)  Newt needs to be the Secretary of Ideas for who ever wins

(7)  Rick Santorum is irrelevant…and frothy.

One final note: on Rick Perry’s Ponzi scheme comments, the media clearly wants to scare seniors and those who are not paying close attention to the race.  Last night, Perry said, “It is a Ponzi scheme to tell our kids that are 25 or 30 years old today, you’re paying into a program that’s going to be there.”  I believe that is an accurate statement.  But you will only hear the media report on the first part of that statement.

Now I’m not one to feel the need to defend an Aggie, on that issue, he has my support.  My favorite Perry line last night was “maybe it’s time to have some provocative language in this country…”

And lastly, I couldn’t help but juxtapose people’s reactions the moment the debate turned to the capital punishment.  When moderator Brian Williams said, “Your (Perry) state has executed 234 death row inmates,” he got loud applause from the audience.  The blogosphere and Twitterverse were incredulous.  They couldn’t understand why the audience would applaud Perry’s execution tally.  All I have to say is “Death penalty rocks!”

Obama’s Pending Jobs Speech

For anyone who is currently following the 2012 campaign, it was obvious from the moment it was announced yesterday why the White House picked next Wednesday for the President to give his address to the nation about his jobs plan.

They want to show President Obama talking about jobs and the economy while the GOP contenders are talking about politics.

More concertedly, the White House surely wants to rain on the Perry parade and blunt his momentum.

Both NBC and Politico, the sponsors of next week’s debate at the Reagan Library were moving ahead with the debate, but were likely to have adjusted the start time around Obama’s speech.

In a gutsy move that easily prevailed, Speaker Boehner offered an alternative date for the President.  The blogosphere and Twitterverse immediately went apoplectic.  Democratic consultant Donna Brazile tweeted, @donnabrazile “Here we go again. The President is asking for a Joint Session to discuss jobs, jobs, jobs. And how did Mr Boehner reply? Just say no.”

Of course Boehner didn’t just say no, he merely proposed another date. The Left is so quick to be disingenuous.

But here’s a question for Ms. Brazile and her cohorts: For the last year and a half, the President has said that he was going to focus on jobs, jobs, jobs; even creating the President’s Council on Jobs & Competitiveness, where he admitted that those “shovel-ready projects weren’t so shovel-ready.”  What’s become of this council?  Why have they only had two meetings?  Why wasn’t this speech performed given two weeks ago when he first said he had a plan?  If it is so important for this speech to be delivered, why didn’t they do so BEFORE he went on vacation?

But let’s look at the real problem.  The White House has done a poor job rolling out this campaign speech.  They hyped it too early.  They waited too long.

The White House says Thursday won’t work because of football.  But then they capitulate.  Did they really think that if people won’t watch the President give another speech because of football they will watch him over Wipe Out or a rerun of House?  Or will images of the President vacationing and golfing in Martha’s Vineyard still be etched in people’s minds?

To many, it’s a mute point, as liberal blogger Matthew Yglesias tweeted, @mattyglesias “EXCLUSIVE: No matter which day Obama delivers its speech, ratings will be low and impact minimal.”  Smells like the bigotry of low expectations to me.

Washington Monument Closes!

According to Politico, the 555-foot Washington Monument will be closed indefinitely after engineers found a crack near the top, presumably caused by Tuesday’s East Coast earthquake. The National Park Service said the closing of the 91,000-ton monument is to keep the public safe, the Associated Press reported.

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