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Columbia Heights Day Festival

This afternoon was the Columbia Heights Day Festival in Ward 1 along the football field Harriet Tubman Elementary School. For its sixth year, I was really surprised at not only the low turnout, but also the number of empty booths and tables.

Perhaps it is because two years ago they moved the date from the spring to the fall, and then last year, there was that whole thing with the hurricane. Details.

None the less, there were face paintings, farm animals, musicians, and of course, politicians in attendance. The first booth I found was that of my good friend Pat Mara, School Board Member for Ward 1.

Then I wandered over to Mary Brooks Beatty’s tent. She is running for DC Council, At-Large.

I was able to hang out with my new friend Alex Gallo and catch up on his campaign for ANC. I also saw Councilmember Jim Graham (it is his ward) and Councilmember Muriel Bowser (she will be running for Mayor soon). At least Ms. Bowser was polite and shook my hand when I introduced myself to her. Why was Graham following her around like a little puppy?

Lastly, I was introduced for the first time to Mary Lord, who’s running for the At-Large School Board seat. Hmmmm, I don’t know about her.

Hopefully, the festival can get its act together for next year in time to have an outstanding festival the way 17th Street has done in three years it’s been in existence.


DC Council at War with Free Market

Press Release

For Immediate Release

July 10, 2012

Contact: Mary Brooks Beatty
Mobile: (202) 997-0431

Ron Moten
(202) 615-0204

DC Council at War with Free Market

Councilmembers to vote on restricting competition

Washington, DC: Republican candidates for DC Council made the following statements regarding the recent “Uber Amendment.” The amendment, if passed, would require all car services to charge at least 5-times the current drop rate of DC taxis.

“The DC Council should stand up for the free market. The legislation before the Council today would would stifle competition for quality transportation in the city by discouraging services such as those offered by Uber.  I urge the Council to vote down the amendment as written, and instead create legislation to enhance competition,” stated Mary Brooks Beatty, candidate for At-Large DC Council.

“The Council has no business regulating what car services operate in DC. It should be up to the residents of the District of Columbia to decide what services have the best options for their needs and price range. I hope the Council will back off of regulating businesses that do nothing more than give customers a choice,” stated Ron Moten, candidate for DC Council, Ward 7

Mary Brooks Beatty at 4th of July Palisades Parade

Mary Brooks Beatty at 4th of July Palisades Parade with supporters, including DC Young Republicans and DC Log Cabin Republicans.

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