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An Extended Sunday Funday!

According to WaPo, the DC Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration has granted 42 bars and restaurants permission to remain open round-the-clock on Monday, Columbus Day, and serve alcohol until 4 a.m., the first test of a new city policy permitting extended alcohol sales before holidays.

Among that list are 8 gay and lesbian bars throughout the District, including JRs, Cobalt, and Dupont Italian Kitchen along the gayborhood.

The full list of restaurants and establishments granted permission for the extended hours is below.

(1)Haydee’s Restaurant
(2)Haydee’s 2000
(3)Boundary Stone Public House
(4)Old Ebbitt Grill
(5)U Street Music Hall
(6)18th Street Lounge
(7)K Street
(8)Eye Bar/Garden of Eden
(9)Café Asia
(12)Sabor Latino
(13)Toledo Lounge
(14)Phase I of Dupont
(15)Rock N Roll Hotel
(16)Ziegfeld’s Secrets
(17)Jimmy Valentine’s
(18)Current Sushi
(20)Dangerously Delicious DC
(21)The Argonaut
(22)Jr’s Bar and Brill
(23)Dupont Italian Kitchen
(24)Cobalt/30 Degrees/Level One
(25) Bachelor’s Mill/Back Door Pub
(26)Dirty Martini Inn Bar/Dirty Bar
(27)Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar
(28)Jackie Lee’s Lounge
(29)Phase I in SE
(32) Cities
(34)Opera Ultra Lounge
(35)Lima Restaurant and Lounge
(40)Marnon Café
(42)Music and Arts Club


Hurricane Irene vs DC Gay Bars

It appears some of the DC area gay bars were a little afraid of some wind and rain last night (I’m melting!  I’m melting!).

Yesterday, I received an email from Ziegfeld’s/Secrets that they “will be open tonight!” only to receive a second email 25 minutes later saying that “Due to deteriorating weather conditions Ziegfeld’s/Secrets will be closed tonight.”

Several hours later, Town email blasted “Due to this stupid weather situation, Town will be closed on Saturday night, August 27th. : (”  Emoticon included.

Meanwhile, David Perruzza posted on his Facebook page “Yes JR’s is open today before I get 500 text msgs again. we once again are always open.”  Later adding, “We are open always!!!! Snowstorms, earthquakes, hurricanes, Christmas. Come on in.”

While just up 17th Street at its sister bar, hottie and general manager Mark Rutstein said on his Facebook page, “COBALT IS OPEN TONIGHT – now stop texting me.”

Now you always know where to go when you need a cocktail.

New Jennifer Hudson Song is Amazing

The new Jennifer Hudson song “Night of Your Life” is out.  It’s pretty amazing!  She teams up with David Guetta and shows the world that she is indeed a Club Queen.  This collaboration is slick and will make you shake yo’ ass on the dance floor!

Thanks to DJ Chord Bezerra for playing it for me last night at Cobalt!

Take a listen…

th David Guetta for “Night of Your Life

UPDATED: A Bear’s Life After EFN

UPDATE: It seems there is now competition for Bear Happy Hour!  My good friend Mark Rutstein just announced that he’s starting a Bear Happy Hour at Cobalt on Fridays featuring DC Jim Gade.


Less than 24 hours after EFN emailed its staff saying that the bar was closing, Bear Happy Hour, the weekly Friday party announced their new home – The Green Lantern.

In a posting on the website www.dcbearscene.com, they received confirmation from the owner that …

The Green Lantern will:


A quick look at the Green Lantern’s Facebook page confirms just such.

So for all you bears, lovers of bears, and lovers of free pizza on Friday nights, your fears have been abated.  Brent, Mark, I’m looking in your general direction. #loveyameanit

Oh, and they’d kill me if I didn’t include this, but if while at the Lantern and your bartender is either Mama or Ron, tip them heavily! And tell them Big Pappa sent you.

A Snotorious Tsnonami of a Snowpocalypse

What do you get when you mix the anticipation of multiple feet of snow with the interwebs?  Great drink specials!

Yesterday morning, I received a Facebook message from Mark Rutstein, the general manager of Cobalt, one of my favorite haunts.  The message was short, simple, and very to the point, “I wanted to share that we will open early at 1pm today for Snowpocalypse drink specials — $1 Rail Drinks 1-7.”  He concluded with statement, boldly challenging Mother Nature, “We are open all weekend regardless of the weather.”

This man wasn’t messing around!

So naturally, I passed on the information to the DChomos.  Some of them arrived promptly at 1pm, having been sent home early due to the incoming snow storm.  When I arrived at 4pm, the place was fairly crowded.  Keep in mind Cobalt doesn’t usually open until 5pm.  But we Washingtonians like to drink.  Three hours and less than $20 later (somewhat inebriated), I headed to the warmth and dryness that is home.

Now I need to figure out how to dig my way out of my cave for tomorrow to head to the Wadsworth Super Bowl party.  That will be interesting.


Bon Voyage My Friend

Last night, we danced, we drank, and we partied like it was 1999… again.  And all of this was on a school night.  It was one of the largest gatherings of what has infamously become known as the dchomos.

Just what are the dchomos?  Well, simply put, we are a large group of gay guys sprinkled with a few straight women who live in the DC metro area and like to have a good time.  Most of us found each other on Twitter over the last year.  We drink, we dance, we brunch, we go to the movies, we have house parties.  Nothing out of the ordinary from most groups of friends, with one exception.  When we get together, it’s usually in groups of 10-20 at a time.

And last night was no exception.  When I arrived at Cobalt (late), there were at least 25 dchomos gallivanting throughout the club, from the bar to the dance floor and back to the bar.  What was the occasion of this mid-week outing?  One of our own was leaving us.  Moving all the way across the country.

What is really sad about this selfish act of leaving us is that Bryce is what gave this motley crew heart.  This is not to say that others in the group don’t have empathy.  Bryce just has a charming way about him.  He always has a witty or pithy comment in the waiting.  And he’s always there with an open ear and an understanding soul.

This morning, my good friend Bryce moved back to Arizona to be with his family.  I guess now I have another reason to visit the Grand Canyon State.

Safe travels, my friend.  And I am holding you to your promise of returning in a year.

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