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Cigar Review: 5 Vegas Classic

I’ve never really taken the time to try a 5 Vegas Classic, until now. Boy, have I been missing out!  This is a great middle of day-let’s take a break-cigar that won’t leave you on your ass when you done.  This allows one to head back to the office to continue plotting world domination.

The 5 Vegas website says that the tobacco comes from five different plantations.  And it comes in seven sizes.  Today, I had the corona.

A very nice medium bodied cigar.



Cigar Review: Don Diego Playboy (Hurricane Sandy Edition)

Having spent the last day inside, and knowing that I likely won’t be going anywhere for the next day or so, I decided to join the few other idiots outside.  But don’t worry, I didn’t venture very far.  I bundled up, made a giant cup of coffee, and strolled 100 yards or so to my bench near my apartment.

With towel and umbrella in hand, I collected a Don Diego Playboy from my humidor and I perched myself down for a quick smoke.  I mean, it might be days until I can enjoy another cigar!

With a steady pour of rain coming down from the sky, and wind gusts approaching 30 mph, I enjoyed this mild bodied smoke.  With its Connecticut wrapper, this Lonsdale went great with my Starbucks Italian Roast, my second cup of the day, and helping of Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 10.  It had a very smooth draw with an even burn, but was still a bit lacking.  The cold air didn’t help.


Cigar Review: Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story

Ahh the Short Story!  This Hemingway Short Story is quite an amazing cigar.  It’s one of my favorite perfectos.  Smoked this cigar Thursday night while sitting on my bench outside of my apartment on a cool autumn night.  Its touches of cedar, spice, and leather gave this 4 1/2″ bad boy a good punch.


Cigar Review: Plasencia

Plasencia Longfellow

7 1/8 x 42

On Friday, I met a friend for lunch at Shelly’s Back Room.  After we finished our meal, I asked Mike if he would like a cigar.  He graciously accepted the offer, and I went to my locker (#51) and retrieved two Plasencia Longfellows.  Mike is still new to cigars, so I didn’t want to enundate him with something strong, that would put him on his ass when he had to finish out the afternoon back at the office.

I do enjoy the packaging of this cigar.  It comes in a long glass tube with a cork.  This Longfellow had a light brown Connecticut wrapper and was a mild to medium cigar.  Again, Mike’s a newbie.  The flavor was a somewhat earthy mix with a little sweetness and a little spice.


This Nicuraguan cigar is a good middle of the day smoke to share with a friend.  And Mike, next time you’re getting something stronger.

Cigar Review: Romeo y Julieta

Romeo y Julieta Maduro Reserve Toro
6 x 50

This maduro-wrapped smoke was enjoyed last Wednesday afternoon around 3pm on my back patio.  Mother Nature continues to bestow onto me good favor even towards the middle of November.  I mean, we’re days away from Thanksgiving and it’s still hitting 70 at times here in DC.

This Dominican cigar offered up a charred, earthy flavor that was appealing to both the tastebuds and the nose.  It’s much more robust than the standard 1875 line — which is no slouch on its own.

It had a dark, rich Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.  This was an above average cigar.  This cigar usually runs for ~$7 dollar a piece.  One of the things I love about any Romeo y Julieta I smoke is that they are all consistant.  Rarely do they disappoint.


It still continues to be a mild autumn here in the nation’s capital, and for that, I will continue to smoke on my back patio with reckless abandon.

Cigar Review: Pleiades

Pleiades Paris Clemenceau
6 1/2 x 44

Smoked this mild cigar Sunday with @MattyCDC and @Ty_DC while sipping cocktails on my patio.  This Lonsdale started out very creamy and smooth, built in body significantly as it was smoked, and ended with a hint of spice, wood, and mocha.  All in all it was an average cigar.  This cigar usually runs for $5-6 dollar a piece.

Pleiades Clemenceau 6.62x44


It continues to be a mild autumn here in the nation’s capital, and for that, I will continue to smoke on my back patio with reckless abandon.

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