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More Service Closures for Monday #SandyDC

No bikeshare or cool bus either Monday. #SandyDC #Frankenstorm


Monday is Walk to Work Day: Sandy Edition

Due to the impeding doom that is Hurricane Sandy, dubbed Frankenstorm, Metro has proactively set to close its doors completely on Monday.  That’s right, no rail AND no bus service.  Of course, that is because only federal workers take the Metro.  Right…

This is what you see when you visit WMATA.com.  Oh, and I’m cancelling Halloween while we’re at it.

Quote of the Day

“They were looking for scenes to create of confusion and fear.  It’s no secret the councilpeople in D.C. are pretty far left, so I’m open to saying, ‘Here’s how capitalism works.’ ”

– Travis Kalanick, Founder and CEO of Uber Car Service

I think I just found my new best friend.  For the record, I used Uber several times this past weekend during my birthday celebrations, and continue to love the service they provide!

Uber is Safe, for Now.

…from the Washington Examiner

Council upgrades cabs, leaves Uber alone for now

Council delayed a final decision on how to regulate town car services like Uber, which doesn’t fit under existing rules for taxis or limousines. The services will be allowed to continue operating until the end of the year, giving council time to decide.

The city’s cab drivers claim Uber provides unfair competition. But thousands of supporters of the car service have inundated council members with tweets and emails in support of Uber.

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