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Bloomberg creeping up in Florida poll

A month ago, a St. Pete Poll had Mike Bloomberg surging into second place behind Uncle Joe 41% to 17%. The sample size of likely voters was 2,590, with a Margin of Error of 1.9%.


What a difference a month makes! The same pollster conducted a new poll over the last two days of 3, 047 likely Democratic voters. With an MOE of 1.8%


Florida votes two weeks after Super Tuesday (March 2nd), so there is still time for anything to happen. But one must admit that the trajectory for both are in opposite directions. I’m not writing off Uncle Joe…yet. Blacks in South Carolina are his firewall. And the Culinary Union in Vegas not endorsing anyone doesn’t help his campaign either. Let’s see how Klobuchar and Mayor Pete do in Nevada, which caucuses (minus the app!) next Saturday.

Sen. Kirk Pushes for ENDA Vote

From the Washington Blade (June 19, 2012)

[Sen. Mark] Kirk’s support for both a markup and floor vote on ENDA puts him ahead of many Democrats on where he wants to take the legislation. Kate Dickens, a Kirk spokesperson, said, “Sen. Kirk is supportive of committee passage and floor consideration of ENDA.”

The White House & the LGBT Executive Order

Watch White House Press Secretary Jay Carney try to do his best Stepin Fetchit (yes, I said it!) tap dance around an ENDA-like Executive Order.  Major kudos to Metro Weekly’s Chris Geidner (@chrisgeidner) and The Washington Blade’s Chris Johnson for their diligence.  They both are great advocates for us among the White House press corp. Watch below…

Do Unions Want to be Hated?

I don’t hate unions. They once served a gallant purpose. But labor bosses today are pushing me into that direction.

The way they demonize anyone who even thinks about not supporting them. The way they bully businesses – especially small business into supporting their cause makes me want to say “to hell with all of ‘em!”

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is doing their bidding. Take the Boeing/South Carolina issue as an example. The NLRB is suing the move because they say it is unlawful to transfer work to a non-union factory. But the work in question is for new work. No current union employee is losing work or being laid off or fired.

By its own admission, it lays out why this claim is completely bogus. The follow is from an NLRB news release.

“Boeing announced in 2007 that it planned to assemble seven 787 Dreamliner airplanes per month in the Puget Sound area of Washington state, where its employees have long been represented by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. The company later said that it would create a second production line to assemble an additional three planes a month to address a growing backlog of orders. In October 2009, Boeing announced that it would locate that second line at the non-union facility.”

Now, the NLRB is planning lawsuits against the states of Arizona and South Dakota for… wait for it… for secret ballot provisions in those respective states.

So secret ballots are illegal now? I wonder how that would stand up against the voting laws of the Civil Rights Act.

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