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Dallas Morning News Endorses Marriage Equality


the_dallas_morning_news_logoThis newspaper applauds the Supreme Court’s recent decision to hear arguments in two same-sex marriage cases — one on California’s Proposition 8, which bans such marriages, and one regarding the Defense of Marriage Act, which denies federal benefits to legally married same-sex couples.

Same-sex marriage has been percolating at the state level for several years, leading to a patchwork of laws that create more confusion than clarity. The court can undo that confusion by determining the constitutional parameters of this issue.

We urge the Supreme Court to affirm the right of gay couples to marry based upon the fundamental American ideal of equality before the law. It is critical that the court also make clear that such a ruling won’t require churches whose doctrines oppose same-sex marriage to perform such ceremonies.

Debating the reversal of centuries of views about the institution of marriage cannot be considered without upheaval, and we recognize that the notion of gays and lesbians marrying can divide families, friends and, especially, generations. But the growing support for same-sex marriage, including within families whose gay members have changed the way these unions are seen, makes the embrace of gay marriage less of a radical shift.

Polls show that American attitudes have shifted dramatically on the subject. Surveys by organizations such as Gallup reveal that half or more of Americans support the concept of gay marriage. Equality in marriage laws is particularly embraced by younger Americans, including some younger evangelicals.

Even leading conservatives favor gay marriage. Former Vice President Dick Cheney is among the most notable. So, too, is former Bush solicitor general Ted Olson, who will lead the team arguing in favor of the constitutionality of same-sex marriage.

Olson contends that the federal government lacks the right to deny gay couples the opportunity to marry. He also will argue that the ban denies gay couples the right to due process. As the Republican wrote in Newsweek, “This bedrock principle of equality is central to the political and legal convictions of Republicans, Democrats, liberals and conservatives alike.”

We respect that some religious traditions see same-sex unions as an affront to their canons, scriptures and traditions. The First Amendment protects such places of worship from being compelled to conduct same-sex marriages. Additionally, the justices should take care to carve out strong and significant protections so that the institutions’ religious liberties, for instance their tax-exempt status, are not circumscribed.

In 2004, this newspaper opposed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. We have backed efforts to outlaw discrimination against employees based on sexual orientation. Now, we believe that the Supreme Court should conclude that equality under the law includes the right of gay couples to wed.

What’s at stake before the Supreme Court is how a secular society should respond to the growing demand for same-sex marriage. That is where Olson’s arguments seem so persuasive. How can a secular government grant marriage rights to some but not others?


Congressman Paul Ryan Strengthens the GOP Ticket

For Immediate Release Contact: Casey Pick
(202) 480.2601

Congressman Paul Ryan Strengthens the GOP Ticket

(Washington, DC) – Log Cabin Republicans statement in response to the announcement that Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) will join Governor Mitt Romney as the presumptive vice presidential nominee for the Republican Party.

“Congressman Paul Ryan is a strong choice for vice president, and his addition to the GOP ticket will help Republican candidates up and down the ballot,” said R. Clarke Cooper, Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director. “As chairman of the House Budget Committee and author of the Republican “path to prosperity” that provided the blueprint for serious spending cuts in this Congress, nobody is more qualified to articulate a conservative economic vision to restore the American economy and stimulate job creation.

At the same time, Congressman Ryan’s 2007 vote in favor of the Employment Nondiscrimination Act and his consistent willingness to engage with Log Cabin on a range of issues speaks to his record as a fair-minded policymaker. Overall, while Log Cabin Republicans have not completed the endorsement process for the 2012 presidential election, this is a choice that all Republicans can be excited about, and which sends a good message about the kind of campaign Governor Romney wants to run, and the kind of president Governor Romney wants to be.”

Date: 8/11/2012
Copyright 2012 Log Cabin Republicans

CNBC’s Bartiromo vs. Frank

If you missed this little (ok, not really little) tidbit, take some time to watch the exchange between CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo and retiring Congressman and Financial Services Ranking Member Barney Frank.  It’s a little over 12 minutes long, but highly entertaining!

Bartiromo vs. Frank

1776, a Book Review

Over lunch today, I finished 1776 by renowned historian David McCullough.  It’s the fourth book I’ve read on my Kindle Fire.

While this was definitely an enjoyable and educational experience, I found it a little lacking.  Perhaps it was due my assumption that the subject matter was going to encompass all aspects of that era.  But it had one singular focus — telling the story of the War of 1776.

It is quite obvious that Mr. McCullough did extensive research in preparation for this tome.  I highly recommend it, especially for anyone who’s a history buff, or has a great love of war stories.

Not always a page turner, you will be highly enlightened and hear many new details of the battles won and lost during the American Revolution.

Quoted in the Washington Examiner re. Chick-Fil-A

Yeas and Nays

D.C. Log Cabin Republicans don’t mind eating at Chick-fil-A

July 19, 2012

Chick-fil-A’s popularity in the District is booming thanks to their new food truck, but the company has presented an ethical conundrum to locals who love chicken and think same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. The company’s president, Dan Cathy, revealed just how strongly opposed to gay marriage he is. (“I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to define what marriage is about,” Cathy said in an interview this week.)

Robert Turner, president of D.C. Log Cabin Republicans, provided his thoughts on the matter to Yeas & Nays. He sees no issue with enjoying a spicy chicken sandwich and also supporting the right of two men or women to walk down the aisle together.

“No problem at all,” he said. “At the end of the day, if one looks deeply at the companies one patronizes — eating at Chick-fil-A, shopping on Amazon, ordering a Coke with your meal — you’ll find a multitude of issues where you and that company disagree.”

As for the crest of tweets urging folks to boycott the chain, Turner said, “People need to make up their own minds and not succumb to peer pressure.”

Turner added that private companies are entitled to their religious beliefs, though “if people believe that marriage is a religious institution, then let’s get the government completely out of marriage. No more marriage licenses, no more justice of the peace weddings, no more tax breaks.” The Log Cabin Republicans officially oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment, which seeks to define marriage between a man and a woman.

As for Cathy’s recent remarks, Turner wasn’t surprised. “I’m not sure why this should come as a shock to anyone,” he said. “Their religious beliefs have been well-known for years. Have you ever seen a Chick-fil-A open on a Sunday?”

Romney Meets with Black People

Uber is Safe, for Now.

…from the Washington Examiner

Council upgrades cabs, leaves Uber alone for now

Council delayed a final decision on how to regulate town car services like Uber, which doesn’t fit under existing rules for taxis or limousines. The services will be allowed to continue operating until the end of the year, giving council time to decide.

The city’s cab drivers claim Uber provides unfair competition. But thousands of supporters of the car service have inundated council members with tweets and emails in support of Uber.

Sen. Kirk Pushes for ENDA Vote

From the Washington Blade (June 19, 2012)

[Sen. Mark] Kirk’s support for both a markup and floor vote on ENDA puts him ahead of many Democrats on where he wants to take the legislation. Kate Dickens, a Kirk spokesperson, said, “Sen. Kirk is supportive of committee passage and floor consideration of ENDA.”

DOMA, Section 3: Unconstitutional

“To conclude, many Americans believe that marriage is the union of a man and a woman, and most Americans livein states where that is the law today,” the decision states. “One virtue of federalism is that it permits this diversity of governance based on local choice, but this applies as well to the states that have chosen to legalize same-sex marriage. Under current Supreme Court authority, Congress’ denial of federal benefits to same-sex couples lawfully married in Massachusetts has not been adequately supported by any permissible federal interest.”

– U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals

OP-ED: City needs Tim Day on Council

Washington Blade

by Robert Turner & Mike Hubbard

More than a century and a half ago, Ivan Turgenev explained that individuals tended to be either Hamlet or Don Quixote. A Hamlet, for all his intelligence, is too stuck on himself to do much good in the world. Even if there were threatening giants, Hamlet is too glibly ironic to fight them. At the other extreme is Don Quixote. As opposed to the self-centered Hamlet, Quixote selflessly throws himself into battle, even if he’s only tilting at windmills. In all the best senses of the character, Tim Day is a Quixote, and we are honored to endorse him for D.C. Council.

Every nonconformist is said to march to the beat of a different drummer, but Day will see your nonconformity and raise you two more. A Republican in a Democratic town, gay and black in the party known for being straight and white, an accountant in a land of lawyers and lobbyists—he has worn out enough drummers that he deserves his own marching band.

When he first ran for the Council in 2010, most people told him that it was quixotic.  Who could take down Harry Thomas Jr., son of three-term Council member Harry Thomas Sr., and who had outraised all his challengers 10 to one? But Day was used to thankless tasks. As an accountant, Day knew that Thomas had liabilities. Further, Day had the two greatest assets one can have: the truth and the courage to tell it when it was unpopular. Despite getting trash literally thrown at him and having to clean up vandalism done to his home, Day stood his ground. He patiently laid out the case that his opponent was a crook, but Harry Thomas Jr. comfortably won the election.

Plenty of people would have been content to go back to daily life after such a defeat. But Day continued to raise questions about Harry Thomas’s earmarks for his nonprofit, Team Thomas, which seemed to be a slush fund. The accountant was right: upon federal investigation (which might never have happened but for Tim Day’s persistence), it turns out the Harry Thomas Jr. was using city funds not to help poor children play sports but to buy himself an Audi, among other toys.

Now that Harry Thomas Jr. has resigned in disgrace, pled guilty to felonies, and is trying to wrangle a nicer prison cell, it is clear that Tim Day, once mocked for tilting at windmills, has actually killed a giant.

In a divided field, Day stands out for his command of the issues. The Washington Post, which would not normally notice if a Democrat grew fangs and started sucking blood out of taxpayers, looked at the field and endorsed Day. The Victory Fund has put its support behind him as well with an endorsement.

We at Log Cabin Republicans are proud of Tim Day not simply because he’s a member of our chapter, but because he’s a good man. We could use an accountant on the

Council. He’d be at once an asset to the taxpayers of D.C. and a liability to Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown and the other denizens of the Wilson Building — an unassisted double play. Don Quixote may kill another giant if he wins in Ward Five. We heartily endorse Tim Day.

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