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I’ve Got My Health

Health-wise, today is a pretty fantastic day!  Had my annual checkup this morning.  My blood pressure was an astounding 122 over 80.  I say astounding for those who don’t recall last summer, I was in the hospital for what turned out to be severe stage 3 of hypertension.

My good friend Patrick P took me to the hospital where I was quickly admitted after being triaged.  What I thought was a major asthma attack turned out to me being diagnosed with the beginning stages of heart disease.   A blood pressure level of 198 over 93 proved that.  I had been misdiagnosed a few years earlier with asthma.

Last November, I saw a new doctor and a nutritionist.  And together, we’ve worked a path towards a healthier life.  No fads.  No diets.  But a change in lifestyle.

I’m not going to tell you that I have been 100 percent committed to this change.  Nor will I say that I have not cheated or followed every restriction.  But I am eating much healthier.  I’ve cut down on my drinking (very hard).  And as evident from my runkeeper.com posts, I get my exercise by walking all the time.

With tonight’s walk to and from the RNC headquarters for a holiday party, I hit an amazing milestone.  I recorded my first walk on November 25, 2011.  That was for 3.31 miles.  With tonight’s 4.35 walk, I have officially walked 501 miles in 54 weeks!  Cue up that contagious song from Benny and Joon by the Proclaimers.  I’m down 43 pounds, my BMI has dropped by over 4 points, and my blood pressure is perfect.  I still smoke too many cigars, but that’s not gonna change anytime soon.

But as I conclude the year, I revel in the knowledge that I’m much healthier than when I started.

This Makes My Day!

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