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The Root.com: Every Democratic Candidates’ ‘Black Agenda,’ Ranked

This amazingly candid and straight forward description of all eight remaining Democrats as the voters of South Carolina go to the polls. I will say I do sense a tad of bias, but I will let you figure it out. H/t to Monica Alexander and David Perruzza for first posting this on FB yesterday.

TheRoot.com says, “We asked policy experts, legal scholars and political pundits, all of whom were black, to help us devised a policy matrix. Then we graded each plan on a scale of 1 to 10.”

I’ll just say that you will surprised that Joe Biden is NOT ranked #1 and that Pete Buttigieg is NOT ranked near the bottom. I will let you peruse it yourself.


Last Polling Out of SC…

Looks like Biden’s firewall will stand. What’s impressive, is Buttigieg sudden rise in the state. Klobuchar and Warren are in trouble — especially Warren. In a recent poll, she trails Sanders IN HER HOME STATE OF MASSACHUSSETS! More on that this weekend.


Bloomberg creeping up in Florida poll

A month ago, a St. Pete Poll had Mike Bloomberg surging into second place behind Uncle Joe 41% to 17%. The sample size of likely voters was 2,590, with a Margin of Error of 1.9%.


What a difference a month makes! The same pollster conducted a new poll over the last two days of 3, 047 likely Democratic voters. With an MOE of 1.8%


Florida votes two weeks after Super Tuesday (March 2nd), so there is still time for anything to happen. But one must admit that the trajectory for both are in opposite directions. I’m not writing off Uncle Joe…yet. Blacks in South Carolina are his firewall. And the Culinary Union in Vegas not endorsing anyone doesn’t help his campaign either. Let’s see how Klobuchar and Mayor Pete do in Nevada, which caucuses (minus the app!) next Saturday.

After NH, now what?!

So, now what?! Does Stella Biden get his groove back in time for South Carolina? There are no recent meaningful polling from either Nevada or SC, so any talk is just hot air. Do blacks stay with Biden in SC? Does labor push Bernie over the threshold in NV where he lost by 5 points to Hillary? Do Amy and/or Pete get any traction with minorities? And what’s all this crowing about Bernie getting 40% of the Hispanic vote last night? NH has a Hispanic population of 4%. So that’s what? 1,200 votes out of 290,000 that were cast last night?

If Biden under performs in SC, that will definitely create a lane for Bloomberg on Super Tuesday. But only if Mayor Mike can quickly make himself the principal alternative to Sanders. Keep that spending up.

RIP to the campaigns of Andrew Yang and Deval Patrick. Was Patrick really running? And why?! Oh, and I’m calling it now. Warren is done! Thankfully.

No, YOU’RE an Effing Racist!

This post goes out to my liberal friends.  Not all of them.  But they know who they are.  They are the idiots who were going around saying that if you disagreed with or wouldn’t vote for Barack Obama then you were a racist.  [roll eyes…]

On its face, that is a totally ignorant statement.  But let’s follow their line of thinking for a second.  So if  disagreeing with and refusing to vote for Obama means one is a racist, then shouldn’t the same work for disagreeing with and refusing to vote for Allen West?  Are the people of Florida’s 18th Congressional District racist?  No.  Are they many of the people who called Congressman West an Uncle Tom?  Perhaps.  But let’s actually call a spade a spade…so to speak.  Does it only work when criticizing a black liberal?  Are black conservatives not afforded the same rigorous defense? [still rolling eyes…]

Now we have a member of the House Democratic leadership saying words such as “incompetent” are code words for racism.  Give me a fucking break!  In the case of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, the use of the term incompetent is code for lacking the qualities needed for effective action.

David Duke is a racist.  There are many things you can call Senator John McCain, but that ain’t one of them.

From the Left: Obama, A Pedestrian and Overconfident Speech

I was shocked to read this online.

Let’s be blunt. Barack Obama gave a dull and pedestrian speech tonight, with nary an interesting thematic device, policy detail, or even one turn of phrase. The crowd sure didn’t see it my way. The delegates were near delirium; to what extent they were merely still feeding off the amassed energy of the previous two nights I can’t say. more…

DC Dems, Ya Think?

From WUSA’s Bruce Johnson

“The Obama National Campaign in Chicago has put DC Democrats on notice: The campaign won’t be making the President, First Lady or any of their surrogates available for fund raisers here in DC.

Said one prominent Democrat,”They’re trying to avoid the photo opp” that might be used against the President.”

Romney Meets with Black People

DC Log Cabin Statement on the Resignation of Kwame Brown

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Robert Turner
June 7, 2012 (XXX) XXX-XXXX

DC Log Cabin Statement on the Resignation of Kwame Brown

WASHINGTON, DC – Following the resignation of Council Chairman Kwame Brown, DC Log Cabin President Robert Turner II released the following statement:

“Barely six months into the year, and we have the second resignation from a member of the D.C. Council. Kwame Brown said he wanted to take the honorable course by resigning. The honorable course is not to commit fraud in the first place. The honorable course is to respect the trust one is given from the people when elected. As long as this trend of political corruption continues with our elected officials, Congress will never allow us to have full voting representation or budget autonomy. If this keeps up, look for talks of another Control Board. Sadly, the question of everybody’s mind is ‘who’s next?’”

Log Cabin Republicans is a national organization started in 1977, with state and local chapters nationwide, which believes in low taxes, limited government, strong defense, free markets, personal responsibility, and individual liberty. Log Cabin Republicans educates our party about why inclusion wins and that opposing gay and lesbian equality is inconsistent with the GOP’s core principles of smaller government and personal freedom. The DC Chapter holds monthly meetings, supports inclusive local Republican candidates, and sponsors monthly social gatherings. For more information, please visit www.dclogcabin.org.

– 30 –

Republicans: Campaigning Against Marriage is a Losing Strategy

Republicans: Campaigning Against Marriage is a Losing Strategy

(Washington, DC) – In the wake of President Obama’s personal announcement in support of the freedom to marry, Republicans should recognize the changed political climate on the issue in favor of equality.

“Marriage equality has captured the nation’s attention, and the response to President Obama’s announcement is evidence of the tide turning in favor of equality for all. Log Cabin Republicans have long believed that supporting the freedom to marry is the right thing to do and the President’s joining this effort is in the nation’s best interest. That said, Americans can be certain that the President would not have made this decision at this time if it were not in his best political interests. In addition to energizing his base and distracting attention from a failed economic record, the trap is laid for any Republican who responds with intolerance,” said R. Clarke Cooper, Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director. “Already some in the GOP are taking the bait with former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie bringing up the twice-failed Federal Marriage Amendment and the unfortunate vote on Representative Heulskamp’s (R-KS) amendment re-affirming DOMA last night. Democrats are eager to fundraise off of this issue. It is in the best interests of Republican candidates to be measured and disciplined in response, recognizing that a generational shift has occurred.”

“Governor Mitt Romney’s statement in opposition to not just marriage but civil unions jeopardizes his ability to win moderates, women and younger voters, especially as a large majority of Americans favor some form of relationship recognition for their LGBT friends and neighbors. Ultimately, the response of the Republican candidates this election cycle will determine not just endorsements by Log Cabin Republicans, but the votes of millions of Americans who are simply tired of the culture wars.”

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