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Cigar Review: 5 Vegas Classic

I’ve never really taken the time to try a 5 Vegas Classic, until now. Boy, have I been missing out!  This is a great middle of day-let’s take a break-cigar that won’t leave you on your ass when you done.  This allows one to head back to the office to continue plotting world domination.

The 5 Vegas website says that the tobacco comes from five different plantations.  And it comes in seven sizes.  Today, I had the corona.

A very nice medium bodied cigar.


Cigar Review: Don Diego Playboy (Hurricane Sandy Edition)

Having spent the last day inside, and knowing that I likely won’t be going anywhere for the next day or so, I decided to join the few other idiots outside.  But don’t worry, I didn’t venture very far.  I bundled up, made a giant cup of coffee, and strolled 100 yards or so to my bench near my apartment.

With towel and umbrella in hand, I collected a Don Diego Playboy from my humidor and I perched myself down for a quick smoke.  I mean, it might be days until I can enjoy another cigar!

With a steady pour of rain coming down from the sky, and wind gusts approaching 30 mph, I enjoyed this mild bodied smoke.  With its Connecticut wrapper, this Lonsdale went great with my Starbucks Italian Roast, my second cup of the day, and helping of Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 10.  It had a very smooth draw with an even burn, but was still a bit lacking.  The cold air didn’t help.


Cigar Review: Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story

Ahh the Short Story!  This Hemingway Short Story is quite an amazing cigar.  It’s one of my favorite perfectos.  Smoked this cigar Thursday night while sitting on my bench outside of my apartment on a cool autumn night.  Its touches of cedar, spice, and leather gave this 4 1/2″ bad boy a good punch.


VP Debate at Shelly’s

Last night, I organized a debate-watching party with members of my Log Cabin chapter who enjoy smoking cigars.  Actually, there were a few there who don’t smoke, but wanted to join in the camaraderie.  We had a great time watching Congressman Paul Ryan show class over Vice President Joe Biden’s clown face.

Good debate.  Good friends.  Good cigars!

I first had a Montecristo #2 Torpedo, then I smoked a Pléiades Paris Envoy

Cigar Review: Fuente Fuente OpusX The Lost City Robusto

This is my second, yes SECOND OpusX Lost City cigar!  Jealous?  You should be.  This is one of the finest non-Cuban cigars you will ever have the pleasure of smoking (if you ever do).  In fact, I would say that it’s better than some Cubans I’ve smoked.

First, you must know the story of The Lost City.  From the Fuente website…

In 2004, Andy Garcia began filming The Lost City and wanted to shoot one of the most memorable scenes of his movie at Chateau de la Fuente in July.  Unfortunately, there was no tobacco plants growing at Chateau de la Fuente during that time because the tobacco plants are usually harvested in March.

In order to help Andy Garcia, Carlito Fuente planted tobacco at Chateau de la Fuente during summer time so that Andy could film The Lost City.  Read the full article of THE STORY ABOUT FUENTE FUENTE OPUSX THE LOST CITY

After the movie was shot at Chateau de la Fuente, the tobacco plants were harvested and have been aged.  Carlito Fuente has created very special cigars from these 5-year old tobaccos: Fuente Fuente OpusX The Lost City.  All cigars made with the tobaccos planted for The Lost City come with the black bands.

As I said earlier, this is a mighty fine cigar.  It’s dimensions are 50 x 5 1/4 inches.  Its dark wrapper emits a smooth coffee taste once lit.  This Dominican cigar – “one of the most exclusive and extraordinary cigars ever created” – will always get a 10 with me.

Smoked this cigar around 9:30pm at Shelly’s Backroom after an evening of campaigning with the next DC GOP Party Chairman.


Bourne Tops, but It Ain’t Pretty

All of my friends know that I’m a Bourne fan.  A fanatic, really.  I own all three original Bourne movies on DVD and have watched each one a dozen times or more.  I have eight of the ten Bourne books on my Kindle Fire — three by the originally author, the amazing Robert Ludlum, and five from Eric Van Lustbader.

The Bourne Legacy, the fourth installment of the masterful Bourne series brought in a cool $40.3 million during its opening weekend.  Me and my good buddy Jake were among the masses of those who couldn’t wait to see how Hollywood would branch out the series that Matt Damon brought to the big screen.

Hoping to see this Jeremy Renner-led pic at the Uptown Theater, our first wave of disappointment came when we found out the Uptown would still be showing The Dark Knight Rises for a third week.  So we opted for Regal Cinema’s Gallery Place/Chinatown location.

We started the early evening off with cigars at Shelly’s Backroom with some other friends.  After enjoying a pair of Dominican Partagas Fabulosos, we then walked the six blocks to the Verizon Center complex.

Arriving just before show time to a packed house, we had to take seats near the front of the auditorium.

Because it had to retell a familiar story from a different angle, the beginning dragged a little.  It then delved into a subplot of Renner’s Aaron Cross character being a super charged junkie in need of a fix; travelling half of the globe to get it.

Tony Gilroy, the new director, tried to do too much in this film.  While Paul Greengrass (director of Supremacy and Ultimatum) was focus, albeit with no steady-cam, Gilroy jumps all over the place.  Literally.  From the Alaska wilderness scenes, to the murder-suicide in the government lab, to Manila shanties of the Philippines, it’s not focused.

Towards the end, there is the obligatory yet masterful chase scene.  This is one of the highlights of the film.  It is also something that the series is known for.  But then the movie abruptly ends, setting it up for an obvious sequal.  There’s no closure, no cliffhanger, nothing.

And what a travesty to hold Joan Allen’s Pamela Landy to very last minutes of the film before bringing her out?  Of course, I now expect her to have a vital and pivotal role in the next installment, with her trial for treason.

Two and half hours later, we left somewhat disappointed.

To be fair, I did enjoy some of it.  But I found it lacking.  Yet I will likely see it again to try to pick up things I missed the first time around.

Romney’s VP App

I was having a great conversation last night over Opus X cigars at Shelly’s Back Room, and the subject of Mitt Romney’s VP app came up.  We both rolled our eyes and delved into… basically… why it sucked.

This afternoon, my friend sent me a blog link titled “Ten Things About the Mittons VP App That Make My Eye Twitch.”  It pretty much sums up our combined thoughts on the app.  I am happy to share it with you.

Cigar Review: Avo Heritage Robusto

There are some brands of cigars, Rocky Patel comes to mind, that shoot out of box with a really good product, only to dilute the market with countless lines and sizes.  To me, this is not the demarcation of success.  To be sure, there are several Rocky Patels that for me are standard go-to’s for when I am not in a specific mood, but want a good cigar.

That’s not what this post is about, however.  On my walk home from work Friday afternoon, I decided I wanted a cigar to accompany me on my two mile sojourn.  I stopped by Georgetown Tobacco, something I am not fond of doing (that’s for another post) and looked through their selection.

It had probably been about ten years since my last purchases at Georgetown, so I took a few minutes to marinate over their selection.  I was happy to see this was one of the few places one could still purchase a Paul Gamirian cigar.  But, as usual, my eyes wandered towards the line of Avo products.

The AVO Domaine line has been a favorite of mine for years.  But I had not had the chance to try the new (two years old) line from Avo Uvezian – the Heritage.  They had no perfecto (my favorite of the Domaine line), but I did spot a nice robusto.  It turns out the new line only consists of three sizes – the robusto, short robusto, and toro.

Once I made my purchase, I lit up in the store, and prepared for my casual walk to end the work week.  As I made my way eastward along M Street, I noticed two things rather quickly.  First, it had a great mixture of flavors – cinnamon, cocoa, pepper, leather, and other spices were all intertwined.  But I also noticed that it had an uneven burn.  But I chalked that up to simply a bad roll, which happens on occasion.  However, as I was doing research for this post, I came across others who had similar experiences.  That needs to be noted by Mr. Uvezian and his staff.

But I must say that I quite enjoyed this Dominican cigar on a mild spring afternoon.  I stopped at Dupont Circle to finish this full-bodied stogie before my final half mile.  It was a nice first smoke.  I will obviously give it another try and monitor the evenness of the burn.  I will also try the others in the line.  The AVO family has definitely earned that trust.  I am very confident they won’t disappoint.


Great Weather in DC

The weather is so nice right now in DC, i decided to come smoke a Romeo y Julieta Toro cigar at Dupont Circle.


September 20th… to be the Best Day Ever!

Next Tuesday is September 20th.  It is gearing up to be the best day ever!  The number one reason is that it is my birffday!  I love celebrating birthdays, mine especially.  It also happens to be the day of the Log Cabin Republicans National Dinner and Celebration.

Additionally, it is also the day that the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is officially certified!

And finally, it is the night of the premiere of the new season of GLEE!!!  Can’t wait!

For the record, I like vodka, cigars, and books.

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