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Not Just My Birthday

This week has been all about life.

Yesterday, I celebrated my 42nd birthday.  And while I relish the revelry that occurs around birthdays – especially mine – I was happy to share the day with two other occasions.  I am also honored (I don’t know if that really is the right word) to have shared life experiences with several friends around this time.

Yesterday back in 1996, my friends Jon and Jackie were married in their hometown of Bethlehem, PA.  Today, they have three healthy wonderful boys (Jared, Justin, and Josh – you see a pattern?) who are full of life and energy.

Also yesterday, we celebrate the official one year anniversary of the repeal of DADT!

Two weeks ago was the five year anniversary of my good friend Kathee being cancer free!  Her husband, and also my good friend Greg, carefully orchestrated a surprise party for Kathee in their very own back yard.  He arranged for her parents and close friends to fly up from Louisiana.  His family came down from Pennsylvania.  One of our friends offered up his band to play, while another of our friends who could not attend sent the magical gift of an Elvis impersonator.  Yours truly was on the scene, of course, to play DJ.  Not even that crazy monsoon that bowled through the region was enough to stop us.

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to witness two friends express their love for one another in a beautiful wedding.  While not my first gay wedding, it was my first in a church – the National City Church at Thomas Circle.  Absolutely georgeous!  Congratulations, Rick & Steve!

Sadly, the other night I received the news that another friend lost his father after heart surgery.  Now, he and his partner are on their way down to Brazil for memorial services.

So while I selfishly celebrate my birthday, I am humbled to share in the life experiences of my friends on and around this day.


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