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Day of Rememberance: 11 Years

Eleven years  ago, I was working at an Internet start-up company called HillZoo.com.  Anyone who worked on Capitol Hill between 2000 and 2003 will remember it fondly.

On that Tuesday morning, we were beginning another routine day of talking to Hill staffers and writing columns.  But then we heard of a plane hitting a building — the World Trade Center!  We quickly turned on the television, only to see moments later a second plan hitting the south tower of the World Trade Center.  That’s when we knew we were under attack.

34 minutes later, the Pentagon was hit.  And it was no longer something we were watching unfold on TV.  It was happening in our own city! There were (thankfully) false reports of dirty bombs at the State Department, the Capitol, and other places.  We watched as first responders bravely and selflessly rushed in to World Trade to  save American lives.  And then we watch the building collapse.  It was horrific and breathtaking.

We were sent home to be with family and friends.  Cell phone use was limited, so I had to use email and text messages to friends outside of the affected region to let my family know I was alright.  I attempted time and time and again to get a hold of my friends were worked at the Pentagon to make sure they were ok, but that was fruitless.  It would not  be until the next day that I would here from Steve and Chris.

Steve was extremely shaken up by the attack.  Had he not been in a meeting, he would have been at his desk, which was directly in the line of the crash.

I remember this day, not only because it’s my good friend Duane’s birthday, but also because it the day Americans stood side by side, regardless of party affiliation, sexual orientation, race, or religion, and said WE.ARE.AMERICANS.


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