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Cigar Review: Fuente Fuente OpusX The Lost City Robusto

This is my second, yes SECOND OpusX Lost City cigar!  Jealous?  You should be.  This is one of the finest non-Cuban cigars you will ever have the pleasure of smoking (if you ever do).  In fact, I would say that it’s better than some Cubans I’ve smoked.

First, you must know the story of The Lost City.  From the Fuente website…

In 2004, Andy Garcia began filming The Lost City and wanted to shoot one of the most memorable scenes of his movie at Chateau de la Fuente in July.  Unfortunately, there was no tobacco plants growing at Chateau de la Fuente during that time because the tobacco plants are usually harvested in March.

In order to help Andy Garcia, Carlito Fuente planted tobacco at Chateau de la Fuente during summer time so that Andy could film The Lost City.  Read the full article of THE STORY ABOUT FUENTE FUENTE OPUSX THE LOST CITY

After the movie was shot at Chateau de la Fuente, the tobacco plants were harvested and have been aged.  Carlito Fuente has created very special cigars from these 5-year old tobaccos: Fuente Fuente OpusX The Lost City.  All cigars made with the tobaccos planted for The Lost City come with the black bands.

As I said earlier, this is a mighty fine cigar.  It’s dimensions are 50 x 5 1/4 inches.  Its dark wrapper emits a smooth coffee taste once lit.  This Dominican cigar – “one of the most exclusive and extraordinary cigars ever created” – will always get a 10 with me.

Smoked this cigar around 9:30pm at Shelly’s Backroom after an evening of campaigning with the next DC GOP Party Chairman.



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