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Birthday Shots: June 18, 2012

Birthday Shots

Over the weekend, a bunch of us celebrated (Dupont)Dan Edwards’ birthday with a party at The Willard Hotel.  We dubbed it #OccupyWillard.  I’m surprised they didn’t call security on us.  This weekend also saw Geo Capdeville get one year older.  He snuck in and out of town without me even knowing his birthday was upon us when I saw him on Thursday at another birthday party.

Today, there are plenty of birthday shots to go around.  University of Florida alum Ben Groves continues not to age.  Adorable Daniel Chobert still probably gets carded, but is well over 21.  My former George Allen colleague and Hampden-Sydney College alum Jason Kello grows one year ‘wiser’.  The indelible Ithaca College grad Michael Miller is now two year “past his prime.”  Marine and wine connoisseur Tristian Wright is aging quite nicely.  Capitol Hill legend Bob Baylor will probably end up at Cap Lounge for his birthday tonight.  And one of my favorite people back at Crockett High School (you know the words, Davy Davy Crockett…), David Stokey is celebrating a birthday.  If you were a fan of Friday Night Lights or Prison Break, you may have caught David on the small screen.  He’s a great actor!  Hey David, remember this? “Poor tied up darlin’!”

Happy birthday, gentlemen.  And I think there’s a princess in there too.  You know who you are.  😉



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