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Birthday Shots: June 11, 2012

Birthday Shots

Hoping to get back on track with daily celebrations, I bring you a laundry list of birthdays of friends from this past weekend and today.

Saturday, we had the birthdays of public affairs guru Jeff Berkowitz, and a very dear Crockett High School friend, Rebecca Watkins (formerly Ramirez).  I hope Rick and Mr. Man are doing well.

Sunday, we celebrate one of 17th Street’s favorite people, Norbert Kupinski III, theatre buff Robert Brown, and another Crockett alum, Sylvia Rios.

Today, we have seven birthdays!  Pour House general manager Andre Priest, more Crockett alums Christina Balderas, Stacey Tyer, and Lexa Jones (formerly Branch).  Lexa was one of my best friends in choir and my senior prom date.  Remember the dance moves me, you and Monique came up with for The Rain?  I saw you (and him) walking in the rain).  Also today, is David Hatton, hottie Steven Taylor (too bad he’s now engaged), and other hottie Morris Ozmar (too bad he has a boyfriend).


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