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The Tide is Turning Against Mr. Obama

It appears that one of the President’s most ardent cheerleader is showing signs of a fickle pre-pubescant teenaged girl, ditching the starting quarterback because he got injured in a game.  Maureen Down — Big M0 — penned her latest column, titled “Dreaming of a Superhero” and it’s pretty biting .

ON Friday night, the nation’s capital was under a tornado watch. And that was the best thing that happened to the White House all week.

Later, she laments that “The president who started off with such dazzle now seems incapable of stimulating either the economy or the voters,” as if Obama the quarterback has fumbled the ball and thrown several interceptions.

Her closing is just as telling.  She carries on about Obama not being able to see the forest for the trees, being too caught in legacy.  She simply says, “In some ways, he’s still finding himself, too absorbed to see what’s not working. But the White House is a very hard place to go on a vision quest, especially with a storm brewing. ”

Fun times…


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