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Obama Finally Evolves: My Personal Thoughts

Well then.  There have been lots of fireworks over the past week about marriage equality.  First, the Vice President went and stepped in it by announcing his support for marriage equality.  Then Jay Carney, the President’s press secretary tried to contort his way out of those comments and not place them on Obama.  Next we had the state of North Carolina pass a constitutional marriage not only making marriage legal between one man and one woman, but also prohibit any legal recognition of unmarried couples, gay or straight.

Finally yesterday, Mr. Obama officially evolved through a myriad of pressure from his base, both public and private.  Excerpts of the text and video of the interview was released as so to stop the death by a million needle pricks.

People and groups reacted differently.  I re-posted the press release that was sent out by national Log Cabin, and many of you went apoplectic.

But now that everyone has had a chance to take a breath, let’s evaluate some of the finer points.  Can anyone honestly say that Obama would have made such an announcement were it not for Biden?  And why wait until the day after an election in a swing state that had marriage equality on the ballot?

As a very good friend of mine pointed out, I have often said that a president should not involve himself in a state-level issue.  But that’s easily remedied by coming out for marriage equality while reassuring one’s belief in the Tenth Amendment, as former Vice President Dick Cheney did.

That being said, don’t be foolish enough to ask when is Mitt Romney is going to come out in support of marriage equality.  He’s not!  Would I like him to?  Absolutely!  But he’s courting a base.  And regardless of whether Log Cabin Republicans endorse him or not (my thoughts on that next week in the Blade), our coalition is not yet big enough to command that attention.  But we will get there.  It won’t be today, or this year, but it’s in the near future.

As you look around the country, a few conservatives each and every day are showing their support for marriage equality.  Again, Cheney is a great example of this.  And while many on the left chided him for doing it AFTER he left office, they were the same people who applauded former President Bill Clinton for doing the same, AFTER he left office.

We still have many closed-minded people in our party.  I will not deny that.  But my mission, as is that of Log Cabin Republicans is to change hearts and minds one day, one person at a time.


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