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Farewell Dick Lugar

He is a good man.   He is was a good Senator.  But he had several major flaws which cost him his seventh election to the United States Senate.

The fact that there was a Tea Party candidate, in the form of State Treasurer Richard Mourdock, did have a little to do with his loss, much like what happened in 2010 in Utah with former Senator Bill Bennett.

But the fact that he lost touch with his state, his constituents in over the course of his 36 years in the Senate was a large contributing factor.   Couple that with the fact that Senator Lugar no longer owned a home in the state, and you quickly amass a great number of people who feel that he doesn’t speak to them, or for them.

Additionally, Congressional seniority longer has the cache it once did.  Many people – Democrat and Repbublican – often feel that Members and Senators have served long enough.  They want knew ideas and fresh faces.  It’s the 21st century version of term limits.

All that being said, Senator Lugar served his country with distinction and will be missed.  Let’s see how well Mr. Mourdock will do, assuming his wins in November.


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