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Morning Shot: April 30, 2012

  • Birthday Shots
    This weekend saw a plethora of birthdays celebrated. On Saturday, we had energy expert Tom Weirech, Nellie’s owner Douglas Warren Schantz, uber sexy Bryce Romero, and cutie but straight Ben Garmisa. Sunday gave us Cody Telep, Jimmy Asci, Claudia Hrvatin, Steve Kessler, Junior Pardo, and local musician and all around great guy Tom Goss. Shots today go out to Daniel Vickers and former mayoral candidate and realtor Dave Kranich. Laissez les bons temps rouler!
  • Every Town Needs a Marion Barry
    It’s been a few days since we last utter the words Marion Barry. So let’s start the week off with a hoot. At a DC Council hearing last week, the Council-bully “deflected pointed criticism of his recent controversial remarks about Asians and repeatedly blamed the media for taking the comments out of context.” WaPo has more. Barry never ceases to amuse.
  • Oakland A’s Pitcher Comes Out Against Homophobic Kiss Cam
    The Advocate reports that Oakland A’s pitcher Brandon McCarthy blasted the practice of often focusing baseball stadiums’ “kiss cams” on two men to spark laughter as silly and homophobic. McCarthy tells the San Francisco Chronicle. “There’s that stupid, little comedic value of it if you don’t really think about what it implies,” he said Tuesday. “It kind of got old on that level. Then I actually started thinking about why we were supposed to be laughing, and it bugged me.” Bravo, Mr. McCarthy!
  • More Taxes for Texas… and Amazon.com
    According to multiple reports, residents within Texas will be forced to pay 6.25-percent sales tax on all Amazon purchases starting on July 1, 2012. An agreement was struck between Amazon management and Texas lawmakers after two years of discussion and legal debate on the matter. Texas officials agreed to stop attempting to collect uncollected sales taxes between 2005 to 2009 that reached close to 269 million, and Amazon has agreed to start collecting sales tax in addition to bringing more jobs into the state. Specifically, Amazon will create a minimum of 2,500 jobs with fulfillment centers in addition to investing $200 million in capital investments over a period of four years.

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