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Morning Shot: April 26, 2012

  • Birthday Shots
    Birthday shots this morning go out to my old elementary school nemesis, and later friend, Laura Coe. I always came in second to her in every academic event at Blackshear Elementary. No, I’m not still bitter. Pour a shot for my Marine buddy, Josh Gimble, who continues to serve his country by attending the East Texas Police Academy at Kilgore College. Finally, a shot for my good friend Ryan Donovan, who this morning became an uncle for the fourth or fifth time. I lost count. That Donovan clan keeps popping them out. Pretty soon, they will have a batting line up that rivals the St. Louis Cardinals.
  • Another Dumb Idea from the Salahi’s
    Tareq Salahi, a vintner and one half of the Virginia couple who achieved notoriety for crashing a White House party and later saw his wife run off with a Neil Schonn, the guitarist for the Journey, now says he will run as a Republican for governor of Virginia. Stupid is as stupid does.
  • Has ACT UP Grown Up?
    Act Up celebrates its 25th year of AIDS activism by – how else? – a march down to Wall Street. The Advocate takes a look back at some of the group’s most visual moments.
  • Civil Union Bill Approved in Colorado Senate
    In a bipartisan vote, the Colorado state senate approved a civil unions bill on its second reading Wednesday. A third and final senate vote will take place before the legislation heads to the Republican-majority House. Per The Advocate, “Colorado voters approved a ballot measure to constitutionally ban marriage equality in 2006 but a poll from earlier this month shows that 62% of Coloradans—and 55% of Republicans—agree that same-sex couples should have civil unions or marriage rights.”

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