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Cigar Review: Avo Heritage Robusto

There are some brands of cigars, Rocky Patel comes to mind, that shoot out of box with a really good product, only to dilute the market with countless lines and sizes.  To me, this is not the demarcation of success.  To be sure, there are several Rocky Patels that for me are standard go-to’s for when I am not in a specific mood, but want a good cigar.

That’s not what this post is about, however.  On my walk home from work Friday afternoon, I decided I wanted a cigar to accompany me on my two mile sojourn.  I stopped by Georgetown Tobacco, something I am not fond of doing (that’s for another post) and looked through their selection.

It had probably been about ten years since my last purchases at Georgetown, so I took a few minutes to marinate over their selection.  I was happy to see this was one of the few places one could still purchase a Paul Gamirian cigar.  But, as usual, my eyes wandered towards the line of Avo products.

The AVO Domaine line has been a favorite of mine for years.  But I had not had the chance to try the new (two years old) line from Avo Uvezian – the Heritage.  They had no perfecto (my favorite of the Domaine line), but I did spot a nice robusto.  It turns out the new line only consists of three sizes – the robusto, short robusto, and toro.

Once I made my purchase, I lit up in the store, and prepared for my casual walk to end the work week.  As I made my way eastward along M Street, I noticed two things rather quickly.  First, it had a great mixture of flavors – cinnamon, cocoa, pepper, leather, and other spices were all intertwined.  But I also noticed that it had an uneven burn.  But I chalked that up to simply a bad roll, which happens on occasion.  However, as I was doing research for this post, I came across others who had similar experiences.  That needs to be noted by Mr. Uvezian and his staff.

But I must say that I quite enjoyed this Dominican cigar on a mild spring afternoon.  I stopped at Dupont Circle to finish this full-bodied stogie before my final half mile.  It was a nice first smoke.  I will obviously give it another try and monitor the evenness of the burn.  I will also try the others in the line.  The AVO family has definitely earned that trust.  I am very confident they won’t disappoint.



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