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Morning Shot: April 20, 2012

  • Birthday Shots
    Earlier this week I completely forgot the birthday of my favorite Amazonian! She’s tall, blonde, and a complete ‘Around the Way Girl’ who was even able to tame my good friend, Schmoopie, I mean Erik the Viking. Happy belated birthday, Kerrie!!! This week was also the birthday of an awesome friend and DJ, Steve Henderson. Steve has a double life that he splits between DC and Chicago, so I rarely see him. He’s currently helping to put the final touches on what will be an outstanding Capital Pride live stage.
  • More Ben’s Please!
    Washington City Paper yesterday reported that Ben’s Chili Bowl was officially opening up a new store along the H Street corridor soon. I have mixed feelings about this. I used to love to go to Ben’s! But lately, with the insane lines and subpar food, it hasn’t been my destination of choice. Let’s hope it improves. According to the story, “there will be a bar upstairs and a half-smoke joint on the main floor.”
  • To Branch Out or Not to Branch Out
    Rarely does a website get a story so utterly and completely right with its first sentence. That’s just what happened with DigitalTrends.com and their story about Facebook’s new app, BranchOut. They pose a simple, yet poignant question: “Does anyone else think using your Facebook profile to get a job sounds hazardous to your career’s health?”
  • It’s #80sFriday so, I Lost on Jeopardy, Baby!
    The HuffingtonPost.com alerts us to the fact that perennial game show Jeopardy is back in town on Saturday, this time to host the the third-ever Jeopardy! Power Players Week episodes which are taping Saturday at D.A.R. Constitution Hall. Some of the celeb contestants include Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, Robert Gibbs, Chris Wallace, Chuck Todd, Dana Perino, David Faber, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Katty Kay, Lewis Black, Lizzie O’Leary, Thomas Friedman, Clarence Page, and Kelly O’Donnell.
  • Song of the Day: Keep On Keepin’ On, by MC Lyte (feat. Xscape)
    This 1996 hit was on the soundtrack for Sunset Park. In spite of the fact that the film went no where, the song was the only Top Ten hit for MC Lyte in her own right. Two years prior, she had great success being featured on Janet Jackson’s You Want This single. Not the best song to listen to at work without ear buds, MC Lyte, along with the likes of Queen Latifah and Salt ‘n Pepa, were true pioneers when it came to female rappers.

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