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Morning Shot: April 12, 2012

  • Birthday Shots
    Birthday shots today go out to Robert Zinger, a buddy I haven’t seen in awhile, Sterling Richardson, who seems to be everywhere, and the lovely Shalla Ross, an ole’ friend from my Capitol Hill days.
  • No More Love on the Run
    According to the DCist, Looks like there won’t be a Caribbean Queen this year, as the organizers of the Caribbean Carnival Festival and Parade work furiously to find a new location for the annual event now that it appears they won’t be getting any help from Mayor Vince Gray.
  • Shaw Tavern Lives
    Also from the DCist, the Florida Avenue restaurant finally got itself a liquor license, a dramatic change of fortunes for a locale that seemed destined not to survive last year when it was originally denied the opportunity to serve booze along with its meals. When the restaurant threw open its doors late last summer, it quickly ran into trouble with the city’s liquor regulators because it had served drinks during a soft opening that took place before a liquor license had been granted. It eventually closed its doors, but reopened under new ownership a few months later.
  • Dupont ANC See Another Retirement
    Most of us already knew that ANC2B04 Commissioner Jack Jacobson has threw his hat in the ring for Ward 2 School Board member, so that seat will become vacant. Now, as was announced at last night’s ANC 2B monthly meeting, long-serving 2B03 Commissioner Bob Meehan is set to retire at the end of his term. Meehan will also be the guest of honor this weekend as he will flip the switch to turn on the fountain at Dupont Circle on Saturday.

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