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Morning Shot: April 11, 2012

  • Birthday Shots
    Today’s birthday shot goes out to my old Texas friend Savonne Caughey. The girl is all that! She works hard and plays hard. Always a good time when hanging out with her. This Mansfield girl has been in DC almost as long as I have.
  • BlackBerry Still King of the Hill
    On Monday, I blogged about the tribulations of RIM and its BlackBerry profits. Well the WSJ reports that even as the Beltway’s interest drifts toward Apple’s iPhone and an ever-widening array of Android handsets, the BlackBerry’s foothold in Washington remains strong. Though sales of Research In Motion’s iconic device are slipping most everywhere else, they’re holding steady in the halls of government… for
  • Hollywood Celebs, Yes. Sport Celebs ,No.
    It appears that there’s a bit of a double-standard for sports stars than for Hollywood celebs. I’m not saying that Ozzie Guillen was right in what he said, but to be financially punished by one’s employer for exercising one’s first amendment right doesn’t seen all that American to me.When conservatives told The Dixie Chicks to shut up and sing after their anti-Bush comments during the beginning of the War on Terror, people blasted conservatives. It seems sports celebs aren’t afforded that same consideration.

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