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Hank’s Oyster on the Hill?

Hank's Oyster BarLooks like the outstanding Jamie Leeds will open a third rendition of her popular Hank’s Oyster Bar on Capitol Hill.  Perched between Remington’s, DC’s only country gay bar and Mr. Henry’s, Capitol Hill’s long-serving gay restaurant, the new Hank’s will locate in the spot that formerly housed Ba Bay, the contemporary Vietnamese restaurant which closed its doors back in November.  Ba Bay was only opened a year.

Before Ba Bay, the space housed Locanda.  So there is not a good track record with this space and restaurants.  I am sure Jamie will break that curse.  It’s a shame I don’t live on The Hill anymore.  Best of luck to Hanks!


One response to “Hank’s Oyster on the Hill?

  1. Deborah Russell April 11, 2012 at 3:09 PM

    Too bad they’re coming to the Hill. I have patronized the one in DuPont and I was NOT impressed. Neither were my friends who accompanied me.
    Mr. Henry’s is a much better choice.

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