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Morning Shot: April 9, 2012

  • Birthday Shots
    A birthday shot goes out to my dear friend Sean D, who this weekend celebrated a birthday.  I ran into him and his boyfriend Carlos, on Sunday as they were coming from Easter service.  It’s always nice to see a good looking gay couple walking down the street holding hands.
  • …from the Washington Blade
    NOM President Brian Brown responded to the document leak this week, claiming the anti-gay group works with black and Hispanic leaders to combat marriage equality. The National Organization for Marriage is calling for a federal investigation of the Human Rights Campaign and the IRS. In a statement released last week, NOM expressed outrage that HRC on March 30 released a confidential 2008 IRS tax return from the Washington, D.C.-based group showing a list of 50 contributors to the group’s campaign supporting Proposition 8.
  • Jail Break vs. Unlocked
    AT&T will now unlock your off-contract iPhone. AT&T announced last Friday that it would allow mobile subscribers in good standing to unlock out-of-contract iPhones starting yesterday, April 8. An unlocked iPhone has the ability to be used on any GSM network that meets the iPhone’s wireless specifications, such as T-Mobile’s EDGE network in the US.
  • No More 24-Hour Service
    Just when we thought DC was on its way to becoming a 24-hour city, we get a setback. WaPo reported this weekend that burger joint Black and Orange and the new Hamilton dramatically scaled back their hours. Black and Orange has backed off their daily 5am close and will now be closing the doors at 11pm Sunday-Wednesday, and 3am Thursdays.

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