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Morning Shot: April 3, 2012

  • Reboot!
    Today I am attempting to reboot a feature I had a few years ago called Morning Shot.  We’ll see how long it will last this time.  HA!
  • Today’s Shot!
    Today shot will go to the social media folks at @DDOTDC and @DCRA.  They are guest tweeting for @DCBOEE today for the Primary.  Great to see such team work and partnership.  Now if this could be replicated throughout DCRA that would be a treat!
  • Primary Day in DC
    Today is Primary Voting Day in DC, as well as Maryland and Wisconsin.  The polls are open from 7 am. to 8pm.  Be sure to go vote regardless of your party affiliation.  And if you happen to vote Republican, vote Teri Galvez (@TeriGalvezDC) for National Committeewoman and Bob Kabel (@BobKabelDC) for National Committeeman!  If you’re on Twitter, use the #DCision12 hashtag, and tweet @DCBOEE with any issues or complaints.
  • Quoted in WaPo
    Yesterday, I was quoted in the Washington Post’s District of DeBonis feature talking about the race for National Committeeman between Bob Kabel and Jordan Gehrke.  Check it out!

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