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Obama’s Gas Problem

Four years ago, a Senator Obama blamed high gas prices on Washington. That was was 2008 when prices were around $3.75.

Then, the junior Senator from Illinois said that soaring gas prices were the latest manifestation of a Washington establishment that won’t tackle the problems facing most consumers, and that he would bring needed change.

Today, gasoline prices are on a steady march toward $4 per gallon.  With the exception of two days, prices have increased 42 consecutive days – that’s six straight weeks.   Prices are nearly 50 cents higher today than they were at the beginning of the year.

According to the Washington Post, gas prices have emerged as an issue in the presidential election.  In an article last week, WaPo said that “Obama has said the recent rise in oil prices is caused by instability in the Middle East, including a tense confrontation with Iran over its nuclear program. That has sparked some ‘speculative trading on Wall Street’ that has added to the cost of oil.”

And just what can we expect when the dogs days of summer arrive?


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