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The State of the DC Metro

It has been widely publicized today that WMATA is expected to announce a proposed fare increase today.   That, of course will get a collective groan from just about everyone in the metropolitan Washington, DC area.  Why?  Because every year, the fare goes up, but there seems to be more break downs, rush hour delays, brake parts falling off two rail cars. and overall madness within the metro system.  How many days in any given week can you find 2 or 3 escalators inoperable?

Metro General Manager Richard Sarles says “Better is not free.”  But if you look at the last fare increase two years ago, and ask if the system is better, few would say yes.

I do like that they plan to do away with the peak-of-the-peak surcharge.  That was simply ridiculous!  And slapping those who use the paper fare cards with a flat rate for rush our and non-rush hour is brilliant, as it hits mostly tourists.

I’m not saying there should be no fare increase.  I  would just like to see tangible results and improved customer service.  Is that too much to ask?


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