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On the Metro Weekly Poll

Earlier this week, Metro Weekly offered a poll on its website asking the question, “Who best represents LGBT conservatives.” There were three options from which to choose: “Log Cabin Republicans;” “GOProud;” or “LGBT Conservative is an oxymoron.” Results of the poll when released, of course, will be unscientific.

On instinct, I quickly sent out a tweet referring friends and supporters to the poll asking them to vote for Log Cabin. Others did the same and also posted the poll to Facebook. Then I reflected on the question and its reasoning, and talked with others in my chapter.

Speaking as a chapter leader, whether Log Cabin wins or loses this popularity contest, the poll itself makes it a no-win for either gay GOP group – especially in light of the third option. It bears repeating that 30% of gay-identified voters in 2008 said they voted for Sen. John McCain over now-President Barack Obama. So why would the creators of the poll go out of their way to attempt to insult nearly one-third of its potential readership? I can’t help but wonder if Metro Weekly will next offer a poll asking who best represents LGBT liberals: HRC or Victory Fund (or some other group).

Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud serve similar constituencies in different ways. And while we seldom see eye to eye on process, our goals are often in tandem. For Log Cabin, we have local chapters throughout the country that serve under the umbrella of a national office and executive director. We lobby Congress, the White House, and state Houses on behalf of our membership and the community at large. In 2004, we launched a successful lawsuit against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell that resulted earlier this year in the legislative repeal of the egregious law. Through our political action committee, we endorse and monetarily support elected officials and challenging candidates who help further the cause of inclusion.

Regardless of the outcome of an unscientific poll, how can one say those attributes don’t represent conservative gays and lesbians? What I would love to see from Metro Weekly, or any other LGBT publication, is an in depth look at the two organizations. Compare and contrast our processes, our successes, and our failures, perceived or otherwise. This would serve the greater community a better service than merely seeking to have a popularity contest.


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