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Moten Running as Civil Rights Republican

Ron MotenPolitics does indeed make for strange bedfellows.  Over the weekend, a strange thing happened here in DC, east of the river.  A long time Democratic community activist announced his candidacy for city council in Ward 7, as a Civil Rights Republican.  He is running against Yvette Alexander who was first elected to the council in a special election in 2007 to fill the vacancy left when now Mayor Vincent Gray was elected to become council chairman.

On Friday, Ron Moten filed the paperwork to join the DC Republican Party.  On Saturday, he made his announcement at the Woodlawn Cemetery, the burial site of Blanche BruBob Kabel & WTOP’s Paul Shinkmance, born a slave in 1841 and elected to the U.S. Senate in 1875, and John Mercer Langston, a Congressman from Virginia and Dean of the Howard University Law School from 1869 to 1879.

His platform is basic – real jobs, real leadership, and real ethics.  In his speech, which started late and went long, Moten asked “when are we going to say enough?  One party rule has hampered the population in DC.”  Moten went on to say that we need to hold each other accountable, hinting at the troubling ethics problems plaguing city hall.

There were about DC GOP Chairman Bob Kabelfifty people in attendance Saturday afternoon.  Among them were myself and Mike Hubbard from DC LCRs,as well as the DC GOP leadership – Chairman Bob Kabel and Executive Director Paul Craney.  There were also several candidates from last year’s school board races.  Media present were Washington City Paper’s Loose Lips reporter Alan Suderman, WTOP’s Paul Shinkman, and a cameraman from Fox 5.

I don’t know if Moten can beat Alexander, but I do know it will be entertaining as hell to watch!


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