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My Take Away from the Obama Presser

This morning, President Obama held a press conference to further discuss his #jobsbill.  He announced that next week the Senate would take up the bill and bring it to the floor fr a vote.

This is good news, seeing that the top two Democrats in the Senate — Sens. Harry Reid and Dick Durbin — have said recently that there wouldn’t be a vote for weeks to come.

The President repeatedly said that if Republicans vote against this bill, they have to come before the American people and say why “they were against creating jobs.”

Funny.  What about the Democrats who are opposed to this bill?  I can think of a few from states like West Virginia, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Florida.  What do these states all have in common?  That’s right; nervous Democrats up for reelection.


One response to “My Take Away from the Obama Presser

  1. FLPatriot October 6, 2011 at 2:29 PM

    The fact that the president felt the need to hold this campaign event today and try and put the blame on the GOP tells me he is scared.

    He knows the Democrats don’t back his bill and he wants the sheeple to ignore reality and blame the GOP. How pathetic this guy has become.

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