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GOP Debate at the Reagan Library

Last night’s Republican Presidential Candidate’s debate at the Reagan Library, sponsored by MSNBC and Politico was an interesting one hour and 45 minutes.  Because of the number of candidates participating – eight – enough attention to specific details were not afforded.  But it did help to highlight some of the shining moments from the second tier candidates.

Being his first debate since entering the race, all eyes were on Texas Governor Rick Perry.  How would he do?  Could he maintain his front-runner status, or would he take a major tumble?  How would he respond to attacks on his record?  Would he stand on statements he has made recently about social security and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke?

Quick take-aways from last night:

(1)  It is indeed a two-man race. Everything else is just a side show.

(2)  Michelle Bachmann has quickly fading into the 2nd tier

(3)  Ron Paul has his supporters. He will lose very little, but will gain very little.

(4)  Herman Cain has an interesting flat tax plan

(5)  While Jon Huntsman seems like the adult, he’s clearly running to be either a) Perry’s running mate or b) the nominee in 2016.

(6)  Newt needs to be the Secretary of Ideas for who ever wins

(7)  Rick Santorum is irrelevant…and frothy.

One final note: on Rick Perry’s Ponzi scheme comments, the media clearly wants to scare seniors and those who are not paying close attention to the race.  Last night, Perry said, “It is a Ponzi scheme to tell our kids that are 25 or 30 years old today, you’re paying into a program that’s going to be there.”  I believe that is an accurate statement.  But you will only hear the media report on the first part of that statement.

Now I’m not one to feel the need to defend an Aggie, on that issue, he has my support.  My favorite Perry line last night was “maybe it’s time to have some provocative language in this country…”

And lastly, I couldn’t help but juxtapose people’s reactions the moment the debate turned to the capital punishment.  When moderator Brian Williams said, “Your (Perry) state has executed 234 death row inmates,” he got loud applause from the audience.  The blogosphere and Twitterverse were incredulous.  They couldn’t understand why the audience would applaud Perry’s execution tally.  All I have to say is “Death penalty rocks!”


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