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Obama’s Pending Jobs Speech

For anyone who is currently following the 2012 campaign, it was obvious from the moment it was announced yesterday why the White House picked next Wednesday for the President to give his address to the nation about his jobs plan.

They want to show President Obama talking about jobs and the economy while the GOP contenders are talking about politics.

More concertedly, the White House surely wants to rain on the Perry parade and blunt his momentum.

Both NBC and Politico, the sponsors of next week’s debate at the Reagan Library were moving ahead with the debate, but were likely to have adjusted the start time around Obama’s speech.

In a gutsy move that easily prevailed, Speaker Boehner offered an alternative date for the President.  The blogosphere and Twitterverse immediately went apoplectic.  Democratic consultant Donna Brazile tweeted, @donnabrazile “Here we go again. The President is asking for a Joint Session to discuss jobs, jobs, jobs. And how did Mr Boehner reply? Just say no.”

Of course Boehner didn’t just say no, he merely proposed another date. The Left is so quick to be disingenuous.

But here’s a question for Ms. Brazile and her cohorts: For the last year and a half, the President has said that he was going to focus on jobs, jobs, jobs; even creating the President’s Council on Jobs & Competitiveness, where he admitted that those “shovel-ready projects weren’t so shovel-ready.”  What’s become of this council?  Why have they only had two meetings?  Why wasn’t this speech performed given two weeks ago when he first said he had a plan?  If it is so important for this speech to be delivered, why didn’t they do so BEFORE he went on vacation?

But let’s look at the real problem.  The White House has done a poor job rolling out this campaign speech.  They hyped it too early.  They waited too long.

The White House says Thursday won’t work because of football.  But then they capitulate.  Did they really think that if people won’t watch the President give another speech because of football they will watch him over Wipe Out or a rerun of House?  Or will images of the President vacationing and golfing in Martha’s Vineyard still be etched in people’s minds?

To many, it’s a mute point, as liberal blogger Matthew Yglesias tweeted, @mattyglesias “EXCLUSIVE: No matter which day Obama delivers its speech, ratings will be low and impact minimal.”  Smells like the bigotry of low expectations to me.


One response to “Obama’s Pending Jobs Speech

  1. Gregg September 2, 2011 at 1:47 PM

    Well said. Unfortunately for Democrats, the only people buying their interpretation of events is themselves. Independents are fleeing by the millions after clearly discovering they’d been duped in the last election. What should have been a Democrat slam-dunk in 2010 was instead a sharp rebuke; something that Donna Brazille knows but has to ignore lest 2012 be a landslide against them. Democrats are now in damage-control mode, and are running scared. Expect more fiddling while Rome burns, lots of finger pointing and spin to come. Can’t you just wait for the TV ads?

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