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Solmonese to Step Down at HRC

So last week, in between an earthquake and a hurricane to hit the DC area, Pam’s House Blend (PHB) first reported that Human Rights Campaign’s president Joe Solmonese was stepping down effective March 30, 2012, when his current contract expires.

According to PHB, this is “the beginning of a larger staff shake-up in the HRC.”

My good friend, Chris Geidner over at Metro Weekly delved deeper into the story, as usual.  He cites four sources who lay out a more tempered execution for replacing Solmonese, and identified consultant Cathy Woolard as a likely interim replacement. Chris goes on to write, “Although the sources say that no permanent replacement has been selected, none of the four sources were willing to say what, if any, role Woolard would play in the transition efforts at HRC.”

I think before HRC acts, they should heed the unsolicited advice from Queerty:

Instead of hiring a White House PR flack, why not elect someone who will actively battle the National Organization for Marriage and the anti-gay Republicans while financially supporting LGBT efforts to make Obama deliver on HIV, trans employee protections, and finally killing DOMA? It’d be a heck of a lot more effective than the HRC’s current agenda of defending Obama’s missteps while trying to convince us that they’re still relevant.


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