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Retro•Fixé: a new Wednesday night 80s & 90s dance party

Attention all of you into your throwbacks and waybacks! There’s a new party in town and it serves up a great dish of not only 80s and 90s songs and video smashups, but also TV shows, video games, and movies from yesteryear.

Retro•Fixé is a new dance party that goes back in time each and every Wednesday night at Tattoo Bar, the K Street biker ink & bar where motorcycles and tattoos are key elements.

I had a chance to speak with the party promoter, Nik Groshans, earlier this week to get a little background on the retro experience.

Now in its seventh week, Retro•Fixé seems to be bringing in quite an eclectic crowd. At its maximum Tattoo holds a capacity of about 300, including its upstairs and private rooms. On Wednesdays, Nik says they have been consistently bringing in anywhere from 100 when it’s slow, to 200 in recent weeks.

Initially, Scott Eustace, the club owner reached out to Nik because he wanted to establish a conduit to the gay community. When Nik was hired, he said that he wanted the weekly event to be more than just for the gays, but for everyone who loved the culture of the 80s and 90s. So while he was happy to serve as an ambassador to the gay community, he made it known that he had a vast array of contacts within other pockets of the DC nightlife. So when you do finally moonwalk down to this K Street party, you will likely find a cross-section of DC – gay, straight, black, white, young, and old alike.

DJ Benny C & NickThe visual sounds of Retro•Fixé are amazing. Ben Cohen, aka DJ Benny C has been spinning the digital wax all around the country for years. Originally from Boston, Benny has a degree in film and editing, which goes hand in hand with what’s required to successfully pull off Retro•Fixé each and every week. (Benny was noticeably absent last Wednesday, but that was due to the fact that he was in Chicago playing over 5 clubs in one week!)

Each week, Nik develops an overall theme for the week. Then Benny meshes music videos with TV and movie clips. Sometimes he even throws in popular cartoons from the era. The results are fun-filled night where the dance floor is packed with people doing their best Michael Jackson and Madonna moves. Retro-Fixe bartendersSpeaking of, tonight there will be TOTALLY AWESOME mashups and mixes of Madonna VS. Michael Jackson. Not to be missed!

The bartenders are a delight to both look at and hold a conversation with. In DC, you usually get one or the other, but seldom both. Chris is my favorite!

The party starts at 10pm, where the drink special is $1 Kettle One drinks until 11pm. Though this weekly party is on hump day, the crowd mostly arrives closer to the witching hour of midnight. And from midnight to 12:30am, they offer complimentary Champaign. Nik promises more drink specials to come later in the calendar year, once the beach crowd returns.

Chris, John, me, and AndyThere are also private rooms and bottle service that start at $150. One of their private areas is located right beside the DJ booth, with a bird’s eye view of the entire bar. I had the privilege of sitting there with a few friends during their sneak peak the day before their grand opening back in July.

Nik also promises more treats down the road, such as movable performance space to feature a burlesque show, possible performances from the DC Kings, and a True Blood party (on a Sunday).

Be sure to RSVP for the free GUEST LIST to avoid $5 cover: RetroFixe@gmail.com

Guest List Closes Wednesdays at 4pm

Retro•Fixé at Tattoo Bar
is located at
1413 K Street NW
McPherson Sq Metro Station (blue/orange lines)


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