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American Idol – Songs from the 21st Century

Well, the irony is not lost on me with the first six to go home singing So What? By P!nk.  I mean, with lyrics like “Guess what, and now that we’re done…”  My question is, can anyone help Paul a) remember the words and b) actually hit the notes?

And look who’s in the audience.  It’s Mark Ballas from Dancing with the Stars looking all hot and sexy.  I guess those rumors about Mark and Pia are true.  Pia is 19.  How old is Mark?  25?  Hmmmm.  And we all know that Pia is performing on Dancing with the Stars next week.

Scotty – Swinging, by LeAnn Rimes

He’s doing the version by LeAnn Rimes, but this song was originally done back in 1983 by John Anderson.  I’ve always loved this song, but I can barely hear Scotty over the band.  Only okay.

James – Uprising, by Muse

Great song!  Stop screaming though.  I still say this song should have been done by Queens of the Stone Age.

Haley – Rolling in the Deep, by Adele

I’ve said since the beginning of the season that I was waiting for someone to do an Adele song on Idol.  I mean, the album is brilliant.  She’s been featured on everything from Grey’s Anatomy to Glee last night.  And now the person I can’t stand the most is doing Rolling in the Deep?  UGH!  It would have been a good performance had she not growled through half of it.  Again, ugh!

Jacob – Dance with My Father, by Luther Vandross

He recognized the pitch problem in the beginning and corrected it.  Great middle and amazing end.  But it didn’t WOW me like he usually does.

Casey – Harder to Breathe, Maroon 5

Well the irony here is that Adam Levine is a sex symbol for the heavens, while Casey is not.  But they both have amazing voices.  I can’t believe you just kissed Jenny from the Block!  That tool balls!!!  Wait, did Ryan just say “So this is what it feels like to be a man” ?

Stefano – Closer, by Ne-yo

Let me cool down first.  I just witnessed a mass amount of sex appeal ooze out of my TV screen.  Wow, that was hot!  The singing was amazing as well.  But get rid of those blonde bimboes singing back up.  Final thoughts: I will come closer to you any day!

Lauren – Born to Fly, by Sara Evans

Gurrl!  Oh, I was talking about the fiddle player.  Don’t know the song at all, but it was a good performance.  Not sure it was good enough to keep you safe.


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