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American Idol — Movie Week

I actually enjoy Movie Week each year.  It often showcases great, but overlooked songs, like Kris Allen doing “Falling Slowly” two years ago.  So here we go…


Paul – Old Time Rock ‘n Roll

Really?  Ok this is now just getting ridiculous!  Paul needs to go!  Sorry VFTW.

Haley – The Climb

Great performance.  She missed a few notes near the end, but should be safe.  SHOULD.

Stefano – End of the Road

Foreshadowing? We shall see.  The first part was karaoke, but the second part was very solid.

Scotty – I Crossed My Heart

This was just the opposite.  First part was amazing – authentic George Strait.  The second part was only ok.

Casey – Nature Boy

Nice and sweet.  Total hat tip for doing a Nat King Cole song.  And doing it well!

Haley – Call Me

UGH!  Here is my concern.  If Paul goes, she becomes the VFTW pick.  I hate her!

Jacob – Bridge Over Troubled Water

I have to agree with Jimmy Iovine about preaching to America.  But I love it when Jacob takes me to church.  Preach on!

James – Heavy Metal

Here, I just don’t know.


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