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American Idol Top Nine — Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame

Well it’s obvious America has different thoughts on who should go than I do.  That’s okay, for now.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Paul in the Bottom Three last week.   This week on American Idol, we are “treated” to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Week.  Hmmm, okay.  We are down to only three girls left.  I only see maybe one of them making it into the Top Five.  Maybe.  On to the performances.

Jacob – Man in the Mirror

What a way to start the show.  OMG!  That’s Siedah Garrett!  She’s awesome.  And Jacob continues to impress.  Werk it gur!

Haley – Piece of My Heart

Pat Benatar called.  She wants her dress from the Love is a Battlefield video back.  Actually a decent performance.

Casey – Have You Ever Seen the Rain

Nice to slow it down a little.

Lauren – Natural Woman

Great shoes girl.  First part put me to sleep.  A typical performance.  VFTW tweets, “singing the song as if she just wants to get through it because there’s a cake waiting off stage for her afterwards.”  Love them!

James – While My Guitar Gently Weeps


Scotty – That’s Alright Mama

Actually a fun performance!

Pia – River Deep Mountain High

My expectations are VERY high for this song!  Of course the Tina Turner original is out of this world.  But Glee gave it new life a few months ago with Mercedes and Santana singing it.  Oh look – a new use for Hammer pants!  Surprisingly, this was a very good performance.

Stefano – When a Man Loves a Woman

Horrible head voice.  Second part of the song is much better than the first.

Paul – Folsom Prison Blues

Hmmm.  Kenny Loggins does Johnny Cash…horribly!


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