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American Idol – Top 11 redux

Well, it seems that America is pretty tone deaf!  Last week’s results definitely showed that people aren’t voting for talent (but hey, we knew that all along).  Anyway, though he didn’t give a great performance last week, I am glad the judges used the save on Casey.

Scotty – Country Comfort

Is it a good idea to sing an Elton Joun song that NO ONE has ever heard of?

Naimia – I’m Still Standing

Reggea?  Hmmmm.  But she did make it work.  I’m just worried that people at home won’t get it.  This is one of the first pop songs I heard and liked.  And I love the video.  I just hope everyone else likes it.

Paul – Rocket Man

I think he’s high!

Pia – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me

Bringing a little church up in here.  Great performance!  You keep telling her to switch it up.  Why aren’t you saying the same thing to Scotty?

Stefano – Tiny Dancer

Hold me closer Tony Danza.  Oh wait!  If the first note is off, it’s a good sign that you’re going home.

Lauren – Candle in the Wind

One word: karaoke.  Probably one of Elton John’s most well known song… butchered!

James – Saturday Night’s Alright

Once he got on stage and stopped pandering to the crowd, it was good.  A little Lady Gaga with the piano on fire.

Thia – Daniel

One of my favorites of Elton!  I even liked the Wilson Phillips cover of the song.  The first part was awesome.  The second part, not so much.

Casey – Your Song

Talk about from zero to hero!  So far, the best of the night!

Jacob – Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

Not his best performance, but leaps and bounds above move of the night.

Haley – Benny & the Jets

Love the dress!  That’s all.  PS, you’re no Michelle Pfieffer!  PPS, Randy, you’re on crack if you think this was the best of the night!


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