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American Idol Top 11 – Motown Week

There continue to be three categories in which to put these singers – really good, ok, and go chew on a shotgun blast.  Next week, I will give you my pick for the Top 5.  There were trainwrecks aplenty on the way to Motown week.

Casey – I Heard it Through the Grapevine

Started aweful, got a little better, but screeched and screamed through most of it.

Thia – Heat Wave

Great job!  Foot apping.  She lost her rhythm near the end.

Jacob – You’re All I Need

You should know by now that Jacob is my pick to win it all this year!  That being said, boy acted like a fool up there on stage.  That’s a good thing!  When you have all three d

Lauren – You Keep Me Hanging On

Find the beat honey!  And stop the vocal dipping.  Horrible ending.

Stafano – Hello

Not a good start.  Got better, but ever great.  Seems like you were straining too much.

Haley – You Really Got a Hold on Me

Good news: your hair looks amazing!

Bad news: you’re in the Bottom 3 again!

Scotty – For Once in My Life

Cute, but ehhhh…

Pia – All in Love is Fair

Started off boring, but picked up and became a great song.

Paul – Tracks of My Tears

I literally went to sleep.

Naima – Dancin’ in the Streets

Watch out Afrika Bambaataa!  Great performance!

James – Living for the City

Good performance, but pitchy.

The women continue to underperform.  And for the third straight week, one will get the boot.  BOTTOM THREE: Lauren, Haley, and Paul


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