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American Idol Top 12

I’m going to call this week’s episode The Dirty Dozen.  That’s because most of the performances were bad.  A few were God aweful!  I had high hopes for this crop.

Of course, there were a few who shined last night.

Naima: What’s Love Got to Do with It

Love you, but you can’t “Rihanna” a Tina Turner song. #aweful

Paul: I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues

As Chikezie from Idol Season 7 named it, “The Blues”.  Ok, now the quirkiness is turning into very bad dancing and singing.  Did the guys over at VFTW get it right last week?

This is just getting bad, so time to short-hand it.

Thia: Zzzzz

James: Horrible

Haley:  Not!

Stefano: Finally a really good performance

Pia: Nice

Scotty: Ehhh

Karen: Love the Taylor Dayne

Casey: Quit screaming

Lauren: Go play in traffic.

Jacob: Another amazing performance!

BOTTOM THREE: Naima, Paul, Lauren.


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