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American Idol: Top 12 Guys

Picking up from last year, I will try to offer my most exhaulted opinions of American Idol for this season.  I gotta say, I kind of like the new line up of judges.  Randy’s still boring.  Sorry dawg.  J Lo adds the emotional touch which is definitely needed.  And Steven Tyler is just effing crazy!  You never know what’s going to come out of his mouth.  I don’t think the Idol powers-that-be have ever had to use the bleeper button so many times in one season.

So last night was the Top 12 guys.  And here we go.  I’ve already got a few favorites.

Clint Gamboa: Superstitious, by Stevie Wonder

A good way to start the show.  Very energetic and mostly on key.  I don’t see him going further than the top 12.

Jovany Barreto: I’ll Be, by Edward McCann

This was a safe song pick and a safe performance for Jovany.  He won’t be able to do “safe” too much longer.

Jordan Dorsey: OMG, by Usher

First of all, I really hate this guy.  He’s a douche… a douche who CAN sing.  But this was the wrong song for him to sing.  Of the first three, he’s the worse.  But I really doubt he’s going home this week.  I can hope though.

Tim Halperin: Come On Over / Streetcorner Symphony, by Rob Thomas

I love, LOVE Rob Thomas!  But Tim really had no idea what he was doing on this song.  It was a travesty, really.  You are in the bottom three.  Wait!  Is it the bottom two or bottom three?  Oh that’s right.  The bottom two is for RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Brett Loewenstern: Light My Fire, by The Doors

This is one of two who I don’t know what to do with.  It was decent, and the judges liked it, but it was just alright for me.  However, Brett has just become the first Worster of the season, picked by that awesomely bad website, Vote for the Worst.  I love those guys!

James Durbin: You Got Another Thing Comin’, by Judas Priest

Wow!  This was an amazing performance.  As Steven Tyler said, I don’t think anyone has EVER sang a Judas Priest song on Idol.

Robbie Rosen: In the Arms of An Angel, by Sarah MacLachlan

He’s adorable, in spite of that nose!  It was a decent performance, but not one I will remember.  It was safe.

Scotty McCreery: Letters From Home, by John Michael Montgomery

Scotty has redeemed himself.  He’s the only male country singer in the group, and has an amazing deep voice.  Plus, he’s easy on the eyes.  But this was a great pick by Scotty.

Stefano Langone: Just the Way You Are, by Bruno Mars

Ho hum.  Another safe performance.  I disagree wit J Lo, who said it was like he was performin at a concert.  It was pitchy and a little boring.  Which should be hard to do with such an amazing song.

Paul McDonald: Maggie May, by Rod Stewart

This is the other guy who I don’t know what to do with.  It was the perfect song to go with his quirkly voice and stage presence.  But at times, he looked as if he was uncomfortable.  I don’t know.  The judges all loved him though.  Me, not so much.  Reminded me too much of Taylor Hicks.  But hey, he DID when back in season 5.

Jacob Lusk: A House is Not a Home, by Dionne Warwick (Luther Vandross version)

My favorite!  I easily see Jacob being in the Top Five definitely in the top three of the guys.  He brings you in and delivers a treat to you each time he opens his mouth to sing.  I want him in the finale if only to hear him sing one more time, God Bless the Child.

In the Pimp Spot: Casey Abrams: I Put a Spell on You

Quirky, but fun and definitely good!  He will be around for awhile, that’s for sure.

My Top Three for the night: Jacob, James, and Casey.

The Bottom Three: Jordan, Tim, and Stephano.  Who knows who is going home.  But I hope it’s Jordan!


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