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Book Review: And This Too Shall Pass

And This Too Shall Pass, by E. Lynn Harris

Earlier this week, I finished my third book of the year, “And This Too Shall Pass”, by E. Lynn Harris.  As many of you know, I set a goal of reading one book every two weeks for the year.  That puts me exactly two weeks – one entire book behind.  But it’s still early in the year.

This is the second book from Harris that I’ve read in the last year.  Last summer, I read “If This World Were Mine.”  I stumbled across several of his books on the shelves of Lambda Rising a little over a year ago.  I so wish I had discovered his works before he passed.

Just under 350 pages, this book is filled with emotions, and often hits a little too close to home.  It is captivating, and teaches you a lot about love, relationships, and finding yourself.  At the very beginning of the book, Harris writes,

“Zurich had dreams.  Tamela had secrets.  Sean had questions.  Mia had demons.  And MamaCee had answers.  Dreams of passion he had never known.  Secrets she had never shared.  Questions about love and God.  Demons, deep and dark.  And MamaCee had answers.”

One could almost create a composite of Zurich, Tamela, Sean, and Mia and have that describe them self.  MamaCee is another story.  Anyone who has a ‘MamaCee’ in their lives should consider themselves truly blessed and highly favored.  In reading her character, I often thought of my own grandmother, who is a strong black woman who is quick with a story, quick to offer forgiveness, and quick to remind you to keep your faith in God.

With the exception of about ten or so pages, it was hard to keep away from this book.  For some reason, the situation between Zurich and Mia touched a nerve.  But once passed that, it was indeed a delightful read.

Now that I am finished with this one, I have twelve more of his books to read.  Believe me when I say that I know it will be a joy to be introduced to each of his characters and learn how they navigate through life.

I will close this review with a quote from MamaCee – “Tell the truth & shame the devil.”


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