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A Note to the Creators of Glee

GET OVER YOURSELVES!  Now most of you know that I am a big fan of the show.  The writing is amazing, and the talent is just unbelievable.  But the people behind the camera seem to have an ego the size of the Grand Canyon.

Three weeks ago, co-creator Ryan Murphy called the Kings of Leon “self-centered assholes” because the band would not let the show use their song, Use Somebody in one of their episodes.

Now, according to Us Weekly, Justin Timberlake has turned down a request to use his music in upcoming episodes.  An insider called the rejection a “slap in the face.”

Really?  I mean really!?

On a positive note, I cannot wait to see New Directions give us their version of Rent’s Take Me or Leave Me.  I know Rachel’s Lea Michele and Mercedes’ Amber Riley will tear it up!  Take a listen…


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