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American Idol 2011

Well, it took 24 minutes before they exposed us to painful singing.  A beautiful Nubian princess from the Ivory Coast tried to do Madonna’s “Dress You Up.”  Child please!  You knew it was going to be ‘entertaining’ when Randy Jackson started laughing after 3 bars of her singing.

The new judges try to give constructive criticism.  But when Jennifer Lopez asks, “how do I say this?”  Randy busts in with a hearty “YOU DON’T!”  At this point, I was LMFAO!

It was boring for the next 30 minutes, until some 19 year old who looked 29 (and not in a good way) starting singing “Proud Mary.”  At one point, J Lo turned to Steven Tyler and said “make it stop!”  Again, LMFAO.

And then there was the 20 year Japanese guy who as been doing Michael Jackson since he was in the womb.  All that needs to be said is “and a Britney song was on… and a Britney song was on… and a Britney song was on.”  Wow!

I usually hate the back stories they often tell early in the season (remember Kelly Pickler?), but the final audition with the twin, Travis Orlando was very touching.  And he has a good voice.  Let’s see how for he can go.

So far, no one has really stood out as top ten material.  But I’ve been wrong before.


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