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Cowboys Should Stick with Jason Garrett

The season is finally over for my Dallas Cowboys.  And boy was it an ugly one!  The first half of the season, The Boys went 1-7.  That’s embarrassing!  Especially for a team who was touted preseason as a Super Bowl contender.  It would have been an NFL first – the host team of a Super Bowl actually playing in that game.  It would have made the spectacle that is JerryWorld all that more amazing.

So when Jerry Jones fired then head coach Wade Phillips and replaced him on an interim basis with Jason Garrett, I was very happy.

Garrett has a long history with this storied franchise.  A Princeton graduate, he was the back up quarterback to Troy Aikman from 1993-99, after stints with the New Orleans Saints and a few minor leagues teams.  In 2007, he became the offensive coordinator for the Cowboys, a position he holds concurrently with his head coach duties.

Since taking over as interim head coach, Dallas has gone 5-3 (3-1 against the division).  And those three losses were close games.  New Orleans 30-27, Philly 30-27, and Arizona 27-26.

This man bleeds blue and silver!  The players love him.  The fans love him.  It’s time for Jerry Jones to show some love and make Garrett the official head coach of the Dallas Cowboys – AMERICA’S TEAM!!!


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