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I Can See DADT Repeal from my Front Porch!

There was a lot of talk today about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) in and around the United States Senate.  There were 13 Senators (Lieberman and 12 Democrats) who held a press conference to announce that they had the 60 votes to beat back a McCain-led filibuster.

The Advocate’s amazing reporter, Kerry Eleveld, did some outstanding reporting surrounding the presser.  She writes, “Sen. Joe Lieberman said Thursday that repealing ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ as part of the National Defense Authorization Act is no longer a question of votes, it’s a question of process.”

That “process” Lieberman speaks of, is the guarantee of a fair and open amendment process to the underlying bill.  You see, as I said last week, when the defense authorization bill was first brought up back in September, Senate Republicans wanted to offer germane amendments to the bill that had no effect on the repeal of DADT.  But Majority Leader Senator Reid said no.

So as long as we have a fair and open amendment process, Lieberman says that Susan Collins (R-ME) and Richard Lugar (R-IN) can be counted as yes votes.

Late this afternoon, according to an interview with KTVA’s Matt Felling in Alaska, returning Senator Lisa Murkowski said that she would “not vote against a bill that had that repeal in it.”

And now we learn, thanks to Chris Johnson of the Washington Blade that Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) intends to vote in favor of moving forward with the defense bill while retaining the provision that would end the law.

So if you’re keeping count, Mr. President, that four Republicans who have now signaled that they will vote for repeal.  That is what you demanded from Log Cabin Executive Director Clarke Cooper – to get you two to five Republicans.  “It can’t be that hard,” you said.

Well now it’s your turn. Get on the phone and tell, no, DEMAND that Harry Reid have a open and fair debate for the National Defense Authorization Act.  Allow the GOP to offer amendments.  You still have 59 Democrats.  What are you scared of?

So Senator McCain, it’s time for you to sit down and shut up!  That, or simply step aside.  This will happen.  And you will go down as a bigot would tried to stand in the way or equal protection for all Americans.


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