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An Open Letter to Congressman Barney Frank

Dear Congressman Frank:

I read with interest your recent interview with The Washington Blade.  I have one simple request.  Stop using the Republican Party as a boogie man to escape the failures of the Democratic Party on LGBT issues!

The repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT), and passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and host of other LGBT issues could have passed at many points over the last two years.  But they didn’t.

Before January 2010, the House of Representatives had over 250 Democratic-held seats, while Senate Democrats had a filibuster-proof majority.  And yes, while the Democrats in the House passed the defense authorization bill including repeal of DADT, the Senate had its chance, and failed miserably.  But not because of what you or Majority Leader Harry Reid, or even President Obama would have the American people believe.

The reason not a single Republican senator supported the measure was not simply because of the inclusion of DADT.  Nor was it all because of immigration provisions in the bill.  It was about the process.  Senate Republicans wanted to offer germane amendments to the defense authorization bill that had no effect on the repeal of DADT.  But Senator Reid said no.  Senator Reid is responsible for prolonging the legislative process of repeal.

How dare you, sir, say that nothing will get done with Republicans in control when nothing got done with your party holding both gavels and the largest bully pulpit of them all – the Oval Office.

We are fighting for DADT repeal and for passage of ENDA not only because we believe in the Constitutional protection of equality, but also because of the fact that with these two pieces of legislation becoming law, they save jobs.


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